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You might remember a few years ago, there was a Japanese restaurant called 洋食屋 (Yoshoku-ya) on Denman and near Robson. It was a  bit tucked away, and when I went there (twice), it was close to being empty. However, the food was really good and reminded me of the taste back in Japan. Unfortunately, they closed down.

They opened up again, this time in Burnaby…kind of in the middle of nowhere..at the corner where 29th Ave and Boundary intersect, hence the name of the restaurant. It’s very easy to miss, so keep your eyes open while driving around this area! There doesn’t seem to be any bus stops close by either…

It was on a Friday evening, and despite the inconvenient location, the restaurant was packed! Our friends had been their 30 minutes earlier, so that by the time I came, we were just being seated at a table around 7:20pm.


We sat down and looked at the menu. A simple two page menu with photos – easy to understand names and the price. Can’t get confused. :P


We ordered the Chicken Saute with Mushroom Sauce for $12.95 + white rice $1.00 and fried shrimp for appetizers $6.50
We waited, but the server never came. Not even to greet us, or give us water. There was only one lady serving the entire restaurant of approximately 40 hungry customers! Crazy. And because of that, she wasn’t really that friendly either…

After some time, the water finally came…then…after more waiting, she came around, and we ordered. It was good that we had company we hadn’t met for a while, so we got to catch up on our lives. Finally at 8:50pm, the food arrived!! So hungry! But it was worth the wait. The portions were really big and tasted delicious.


We waited for the bill, but the server was too busy, so we just walked up and got it. We tried splitting the bill, but somehow, the total wouldn’t match up. We soon found out that she had calculated wrong (the bill is hand-written). So we told her and got it fixed.

We were able to leave around 9.30pm. It was good food, but I’m not sure of returning. I’d like to know if other nights of the week are just as busy. Certainly, if you go, expect long waits! Bring friends, or a book to read!

Also, I’ve started a new ‘rabbit’ rating :) – out of 5 carrots

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