2nd Visit to Vision Source

So I went back to pick up my glasses. (read first visit to Vision Source). They fit alright, but now I wasn’t too sure if I should have picked the thicker, designer looking glasses. I’ve always been drawn to the thin metal frames…previously, they always were the ‘main’ one, and the thick ones were only occasionally. And since the thick ones were from Clearly contacts (read my post on the order from Clearly Contacts) and I didn’t order it to be thin, they were quite heavy due to high prescriptions.

This time, I paid $48 on a free set of glasses to make the lens thinner since it was going to be the only pair that I was going to have. The glasses came with a funky case, that didn’t close properly. Even ClearlyContacts with their free glasses promotion had a better casing.




I had also made an appointment with Dr. Randhawa to consult her on Orthokertology when I was going to pick up my glasses. Since I lived far, I thought might as well make it worth the trip. My appointment was at 5pm on a Saturday. At 9:30am, I got a phone call from their office. I was sleeping at the time after going to bed around 5am…o_o…The receptionist told me that there was now an open spot for 10:30am – I think. I was still half asleep, and my memory is a bit blurry, lol. I told her I wanted to keep my 5pm appointment. I didn’t tell her that it wasn’t going to be possible for me to get there by that time. Even if I could, I needed to sleep in more…hehehe.

I got to the office a minute before 5pm, a little worried that I might be late, knowing that the office closed at 5pm. However, there were still some other customers looking at glasses, and those seated in the waiting area. I didn’t see the doctor until about 5:45pm in which the doctor apologized twice. Since I wasn’t in a hurry, it didn’t bother me too much. It showed that the doctor was dedicated in genuinely helping people, since my consultation was free of charge. Of course if I decide to do the Orthokertology, she would be getting a huge payment from me.

See my comparison in my next post between Mt Pleasant Optometry (MPO) and Vision Source (VS) on Orthokertology!