Lynn Valley Creek and Rice Lake Hike

Region: The North Shore
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1 hours
Distance: 3km
Elevation Gain: minimal
Season: year-round
Camping: No
Dog Friendly: No
Public Transit: Yes
Approx. 40 minutes from Vancouver
Washroom: Yes at the main building, and some outhouses
Things to bring: towel, granola bar + snack, water bottle, sunscreen, camera

We decided to do an easy hike since I have hip and knee problems. As you can see with the info above from Vancouver Trails, it’s a fairly easy hike. Because we were taking pictures here and there, took some alternate routes, rested, we were out there for 2.5 hours.

There is free parking at this location, and don’t be surprised if you find that you’re not the only oneĀ  especially during the summer season! There’s lots of hiker (or casual walkers), those that come to dip in the creek, and tourists that are wearing clothing and footwear not suitable for this walk. There is a trail, but it’s not paved or anything, so don’t come in shoes with heels!

To start off the trail, we cross the suspension bridge. If you don’t want to pay the ridiculous $35 for the Capilano suspension bridge, then go to this bridge. Perhaps it’s not as big, but still, you get the idea for absolutely free. Be prepared to stall at the bridge as many cling onto the bridge as if they’re going to fall off.


Wobbly bridge :)



Everyone taking a dip in the cool waters during a hot summer day

At the creek where it’s deep, there’s a huge crowd of people as if it’s like some summer resort. People are in their bathing suits, jumping from the rocky cliffs into the water. It’s clean, but not the place you want to go if you’re looking to dip in a more natural, quiet surrounding – ie. without so many people and touristy people taking photos of you.

The trail branches off to Rice Lake, and so we walked around the entire lake (mostly flat trail). Coming from growing up near the Rockies, this lake is nothing spectacular, but nice to know that you can get to a place like this so close to the city. There was a family that was fishing. I didn’t see them catch anything, but I did see a dead fish floating near the shore…hopefully, it was a natural death, and not because the water is becoming contaminated…o_O

idearabbit-lynnvalley5 Calm Rice lake

There is no swimming or boating allowed at this lake.

By the time I got to the lake, my hip and knees were acting up. The trail back, although easy was uncomfortable, and awkward to walk through. The stairs at several points in the trail were killers, but I just went really slow. I couldn’t sleep well that night because of the swelling and dull ache…

Overall, it was a good hike. Would have liked it a bit less crowded at the creek area.