Blenz in Chinatown

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A trendy one right across from T&T and International Village Mall, often occupied with Korean students late at night. There is usually only one staff working at night, but the service is prompt and friendly.
Unfortunately, being in the location that it is, you will always have one homeless man either harassing the staff or doing suspicious in the cafe which ruins the trendy cool-place-to hangout atmosphere. The one Korean guy that works the night shift is usually good with them, and will either tell them to leave or stop what they’re doing – unlike some staff at other restaurants/cafe.
The furniture and decor is very unique to this location, and it’s one of our favourite Blenz.

I really like Blenz drinks. I’d go more often if it wasn’t so expensive. I do find that the drinks taste better than Starbucks. After going a bit healthy, it’s nice to have options for having drink non-sweet. I usually have my matcha as it is. It’s nice being able to customize your drink. Starbucks does it to, but I find Blenz is more pure. They also use higher quality ingredients, and make drinks from raw ingredients rather than using processed syrups and flavours.

Unlike Starbucks where every one of them will look pretty much the same almost anywhere you go, each location of Blenz has a unique style or look to them. The decor will be different. The furniture will be different. The atmosphere and the type of people that come will be different. I hear they are expanding, so hopefully, we’ll see more of them elsewhere!



Their trademark Matcha Latte~




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