Baguette & Co.

Baguette & Co on UrbanspoonMy friend had discovered a cafe on Davie, so we tried out for desserts after dining out Gurkha.

I tried the 3 mini pastries for $4, while my friend got the Triple Chocolate cake piece.

My mini pastries were flan, whipped cream puff, and the mini version of the triple chocolate. All of them of really good! None were sweet and sugary like many North American cakes. The Flan was probably my favourite. A hint of vanilla. Very simple, but delicious. They were all very fresh and super soft – just the way I like them!

idearabbit-baguetteco5  idearabbit-baguetteco2



Lots of fresh pastries!


3 mini pastries for $4


Triple Chocolate cake $3


The staff were really friendly, patient with me trying to choose the 3 items. The cashier guy and my friend starting chatting up about cell phones, as the cashier mentioned he had just gotten his hands on his first smartphone after he saw me taking photos of the cafe with my smartphone.

Cutlery is hung in a container on the wall, along with glasses for cold water – all self serve.
It’s a cute cafe, wish they had a better name than Baguette & Co…I think I never went in cuz it just seemed like they only had sandwiches…and adding the ‘& Co’ just comes off as cold and almost corporate like…(not to be confused with Corp., but still)

2nd Time

idearabbit-baguetteco10The Latte is small and really strong on the espresso side. Sheepie has complimented that the cafe smells like roasted coco bean and was almost like authentic coffee like in Europe. I did enjoy it, but I am super sensitive to caffeine, and although I only had some sips, I couldn’t sleep till 6am that night…

We’ve been back again since then, and the pastries are always consistently good. Good service too.

Anyways, glad to have discovered this place! I’d definitely want to check out the one on Broadway!

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