49th Parallel Roasters Café

49th Parallel Roasters Café on UrbanspoonIt was late in the evening, past 9pm, and yet, even though it’s not in downtown, it was almost packed with hipsters chatting away with their friends inside and out in the patio. The interior and the decor definitely was targeted toward that hip, vintage yet modern feel.
Their packaging with their simple type along with black and teal colours make it a favourite design inspiration for many designers.

I ordered a doughnut and London Fog.

The staff were not the all smiley, cheerful Starbucks staffs. The cashier and barista were both hipsters with an attitude. Not a bad one per say, but like a ‘heya buddy, waz up.’ tone. The cashier just waited for us to order something, no greetings to start off with. It didn’t bother us much too much, though perhaps for people my parents age, they wouldn’t like the service – but that explains why the customers are all young 20-late 30s.





London Fog and doughnut


The London Fog was really good. I always forget to ask how many pumps of syrup they put in. I only want a hint of sweetness…note to myself :P The doughnut wasn’t as spectacular as my friend said it was. To be honest, I didn’t see too much difference from a Tim Horton’s doughnut, minus the load of sugar. I’m not a doughnut person to start off with, so perhaps I wasn’t the best candidate for his trial…

The tray with the mug and pot was really cool. The mug and tea pot doesn’t move around on the tray because of the hole carved into it. There’s no way for them to slide. Great idea! Not to mention nice mugs and cute tea pot too!

The furniture was pretty neat. There were lounges and chairs, long tables with swinging attached chairs. The lights were like the ones used in old factories back then during the industrial age. Funny how old daily things back then are now the ‘in’ trend of modern design.

A very unique cafe to check out. If you’re into the hipster thing, this is definitely  the cafe to go to :)

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