Beta 5 Chocolates

BETA5 Chocolates on UrbanspoonA chocolate shop out in the middle of nowhere by Terminal. Located around the industrial area, I was surprised to see a number of people lined up to purchase – quite a bit actually. The shop is actually a garage transformed into a chocolate making store. They have a counter with the chocolates, and a table in the middle with packaged chocolates. On the right side, the different cream puffs available.

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I was surprised to see Sheepie buying some chocolate considering he didn’t really like any of the pieces he bought last time. The Jasmine Tea was ok, though the taste was really faint. But we both didn’t like the olive oil. It literally tasted like you were biting into a cream of olive oil.

Some of the chocolates were however very pretty. I was very attracted to the cute Valentine special that was all red with a velvet like texture and cute little hearts on it. I also like the green tennis ball looking one. Both I like for visual beauty. As for taste, I can’t comment as I haven’t tried them yet.

Their packaging is minimal or with simple patterns – just the kind of packaging I love! The texture is similar to my business card that is almost silk-like and thick.

I tried their Vanilla cream puff $4.50 per puff! As the name suggest, it’s all cream inside. It’s really good, and although I do love cream, the size is too big. Half would have been good for me. Perhaps they can start ‘mini’ puffs in the future. I do find it a bit too pricey for cream puffs, but I guess if you’re paying $1-2 for a small chocolate piece, it’s not that expensive in comparison.

This is only a ‘buy and go’ place. No place to sit or have tea with your desserts, so not a place for you to meet up with friends and chit chat. I think many were there to buy gifts for their friends and family.

A Birthday Gift

A friend gave me a box of Beta 5 chocolates. They were so pretty!! :D It’s too bad I didn’t take a photo of each one…I started eating and forgot >_<


Imperial Stout: love the blue colour! So beautiful! Very pleasing to the eyes. It’s an award-winning filling made by blending Green Flash Brewing Co.’s Double Stout with a 45% milk chocolate. I’m not a beer fan, so can’t really say it was my favourite.

Crispy Praline: this had hazelnuts. Being allergic to nuts, I gave this to Sheepie.
idearabbit-beta5_2Fisherman’s Friend: it’s a filling with the couch candy and 67% dark chocolate. It wasn’t as terrible as I though it would be. LOL. But it’s not something you can eat a lot of. Very interesting to have it in chocolate.

Earl Grey: it’s very soft inside. The Earl Grey flavour is very subtle.

Banana: I couldn’t really detect the banana flavour, but tasted good.
idearabbit-beta5_3Pear & Praline: the milk chocolate ganache flavoured with fresh pear and eau-de-vie sits on a layer of crispy ilk chocolate praline. Interesting crunchy bits.

idearabbit-beta5-21Coconut – Lime: The white chocolate filling was really coconut-ty. The hint of lime and texture of shredded coconut was really nice. Shell was super thin.

idearabbit-beta5-20Salted Chocolate Caramel: it was chewy and the salt complimented the caramel.
idearabbit-beta5_4Bay Leaf: I call it the tennis ball lol. Very beautiful and love the fuzzy surface texture.

idearabbit-beta5-23Mokaya: has a faint licorice and coffee flavour. Couldn’t really detect the banana flavour.

idearabbit-beta5-22The Whole Cherry: the cherry oozes out once you bit into it! The red colour on the dome is beautifully done.
idearabbit-beta5_1Jasmine Tea: very creamy.

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