Click to add a blog post for Masa Japanese on ZomatoWith Kaneda having a poor reputation, I was reluctant in trying out Masa. Sure it might be a different owner with renovations and change of menu, but I was skeptical. Without trying the place out, we took a chance and took our 15+ people from the Sushi Group there for lunch on a Sunday.

All the walls and the layout was the same, but the walls now had new, nice Asian patterns, and the seats were new. Friendly staff members greeted us when we entered. A good start.

idearabbit-masa1 idearabbit-masa2 idearabbit-masa3 idearabbit-masa4 idearabbit-masa10The tables are set with a tray and matching tea cup, plates, soy sauce plate, chopstick bench, black chopsticks and a spoon. Surprisingly, they even had white cloths as napkins. Nice.

idearabbit-masa6Complimentary side dishes for each person. Unfortunately, I guess if you aren’t used to these Japanese pickles and such, it can be a bit hard to enjoy. So most people had them untouched or barely eaten.
idearabbit-masa5I ordered the Pork Gyoza. It wasn’t all too authentic (as in Japanese), but it was still pretty good. Nicely presented with a greet leaf underneath. 4/5
idearabbit-masa7The Negitoro roll was again nicely presented, and was tasty. Thumbs up.
idearabbit-masa8Unfortunately, they told me they were out of the Garlic Butter Clams…damn. So instead, I got a Tuna Tataki Salad (mini) $5.95 I was super surprised at how large this ‘mini’ was. I wonder what the large would have been like. The salad and fish were both fresh. They serve with ponzu sauce or apple sauce. 5/5

Members from the group all were quite happy with the price, portion, presentation and taste. I was really happy too.

The staff were all friendly, attentive and helpful. We had a minute at the end to praise the staff and thank the new owner ‘Tom’ for the new restaurant. He told us that he was preparing a new menu with lower prices. We were worried that that could mean lower quality too…but I’ll be back for sure to find out!

They are also open pretty late: till midnight, even on weeknights! But caution that they are closed between 3:30pm-5pm everyday.

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot  Service:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

Back for Dinner

idearabbit-masa9 idearabbit-masa10So it had only been about 2-3 weeks since our first experience, but indeed, the menu had changed. From a nice hard covered menu with everything laid out, it was now on a pink letter-sized laminated menu, printed on both sides. I wondered if this was temporary…

idearabbit-masa12I ordered a Agedashi Tofu $3.95. The only place I know so far that serves the tofu and the sauce separately. I poured the entire thing on the tofu and regretted it later when I found out how saturated the sauce was…still it was quite tasty. 4/5

idearabbit-masa13Salmon Battera $8.95. It’s my fault for thinking this was the Aburi Oshi sushi that I so love. I was disappointed in the fact that it wasn’t, but the dish itself was good. I did not, however, like the cheese in the middle. Nice presentation. 3.5/5

Negitoro $2.95 was again very good. Surprisingly, super cheap for a good quality/

idearabbit-masa11Sheepie ordered 2 Tuna nigiri $1.25 each, 1 Salmon nigiri $1.50 and Mango California Roll $5.95. I was too busy eating that we both forgot to take a photo of the Mango roll. I had the salmon nigiri. The fish were thinly cut, fresh and tasted really good.

Despite this menu change (although I can’t point out what did change, except for the physical menu itself), I am still happy with the restaurant.

Good service and atmosphere. Sheepie does complain that the booth seats are way too low, but it doesn’t really bother me.




idearabbit_masa27 idearabbit_masa21

The complimentary tea is always really good. It’s nice that they leave the pot with us so that we can pour more whenever we want to.idearabbit_masa31 Now that their menu seems to have been established, I highly recommend their Lunch Course. You can still get the same thing for dinner, but just for $2 more.

It’s an awesome deal and the food are always fresh. I looooove going to Masa now. I always end up getting the Sushi Course $12.95

idearabbit_masa22Comes with a really good miso soup and some sides: Takuwan (pickled radish – the yellow stuff), seaweed and Rakkyo (pickled shallot).

idearabbit_masa29Then you have the option of having a salad or sunomono. Here, I have the salad.


Next, you’ll get a deep fried item. Above is the croquette (potatoes). Below is prawn. You don’t have the option of choosing one or the other. I think it’s whatever they have at the time.idearabbit_masa28


Here, we have the sunomono above. You also get to choose to get 2 skewers of prawns, or an assorted tempura. I always get prawn skewers. idearabbit_masa25It’s super plumpy and tasty. The only thing that annoys us it that the shell is still on it. However, it does keep the juices still in tacked. Just be ready to use your fingers and get a bit messy.

idearabbit_masa26 idearabbit_masa32Last but not least, the main dish. Sometimes, the pieces are different, which can be exciting, and never gets boring!