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1/2 Roll Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoA friend of Sheepie recommended this restaurant to us, and since we need a restaurant to take our Sushi group to, we were always looking for a good sushi place.

The interior hadn’t changed much since they took over the old Japanese restaurant “Itadakimasu”. It was not bustling like then, but we did arrive at an odd time 2:25pm on a Sunday.

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The menu has a lot of typos! Even their receipt. ‘Goyza’ instead of ‘Gyoza’. (sorry, as a designer and a copy editor, these things pop up at me)idearabbit_1-2_roll3More typos! ‘Spciy’ instead of ‘Spicy’, and ‘Sacue’ instead of ‘Sauce’. Maybe they should put it through the spell-checker? idearabbit_1-2_roll2idearabbit_1-2_roll5

I like that they use non-plastic cups and plates (except for one dish). So thumbs up.

idearabbit_1-2_roll10We ordered the Yakitori $3.95 with 2 chicken skewers. It had a bit too much sauce on it. But otherwise ok.


Negitoro Roll $3.50 was ok. You would think that having more tuna in your roll would be a good thing, but the balance was a bit off.

idearabbit_1-2_roll9idearabbit_1-2_roll6We ordered a combo “Any 3 Items” for $10.90. The gyoza (5 pieces) came on a plastic plate. Not sure if they ran out of ceramic dishes. Crispy and crunchy. Pretty tasty. It also included a miso soup and sunomono (or choice of green salad instead).


3 Salmon Nigiri and 6 pieces of Sockeye Salmon and Avocado Roll. The fish was vibrantly red-orange. The avocado had some brown bits, but otherwise, the fish was very fresh.

Service wasn’t friendly, but we got our food and bill promptly. This place may need a second assessment.

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