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Lighthouse Park

Region: The North Shore
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10 minutes
Distance: 600 meters
Elevation Gain: minimal
Season: year-round
Camping: No
Dog Friendly: Yes
Approx. 40 minutes from Vancouver

This is not the hike listed on Vancouver Trails website. This is a very short ‘walk’ from the parking lot to the actual Lighthouse. It’s only a 10 minute walk, but do come with walkable shoes – though I did see one Asian girl in super high-heels and dressed as though she was headed to Cactus Club or something. Most of the trail is a wide gravel path, but once you go up some stairs, you need to walk over boulders and rocky surfaces to see the Lighthouse well. You will definitely not be able to go up on them with such high heels!

There is also a hike trail, but instead we biked on the streets in the area for a while until my bike had a flat tire :( Man, the roads here are hilly!! not that I didn’t expect that…my calves burnt and I was panting like crazy.


Huge tree that indicates how old it was


From the viewpoint


Small hut for children to play and learn



Closer to Lighthouse


View of downtown Vancouver

The small parking lot is really bumpy with holes everywhere. Good luck trying to finding a parking lot on a nice summer day…it’s always full. No bikes are allowed on the trails, but there is a place where you can lock up your bikes if you happen to ride up to the parking lot and walk the rest to the Lighthouse.

At the viewpoint there is a small house for kids to play and learn about nature. I was surprised to see no gift shops. LoL. Lighthouse Park is open year-round, park gates close before dusk and there is no camping permitted.