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TCBY on UrbanspoonLocated right by the waters of Millennium Park in West Vancouver, this small ice cream shop was a nice treat after a light hike in Lynn Valley with a bunch of friends. They have several ice cream selections plus frozen yogurt  in a cup for about $3.50 Topping are 45 cents each. I got the vanilla frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles.

It melted quite fast was not as dense and textured as the frozen yogurt I recall enjoying from Yogen Fruz.

idearabbit-tcby idearabbit-tcby2 idearabbit-tcby3

We walked over to waters to enjoy the sun and water as we indulged. However, we and many others watched as the seagulls and crows tried to intimidate a Bald Eagle, presumably protecting her nest at the very top of the tree. Being a parent must already be tough, but to have 15 birds swooping down at your head as you duck and scream at them for an hour must be stressful…

Um! Ok, back to TCBY. So the yogurt was ok, though it didn’t wow me. It’s been a while since I’ve had Yogen Fruz, which I recall to be more richer…but that was like 4 years ago, way before my blogging time :P This can only mean, time to test it again! :) Would I still come back to TCBY? I guess so, but since I don’t get to come to this neighbourhood often, I’d likely want to try out something new on the next visit.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

Zen Japanese Restaurant

Zen Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonOur friend of ours wanted to dine at Zen, so the four of us went to West Van to try out the place. It was a warm summer evening, so we sat out in the patio.

A bit higher end than your typical sushi place, we were looking forward to indulge in some fine dining. The water took forever to come out and our thirst seemed worse since we had been outside for most of the hot day prior to this dinner. When they did come, my glass was all scratched up like crazy as if it went through the garburator. It wasn’t dirty, but it wasn’t nice to drink out of, especially at a fine restaurant like this. My friend asked ‘what the heck happened to your glass??’ idearabbit-zen1idearabbit-zen2Their own custom branded plates and bowls! The napkin was folded in a neat way that kept us busy trying to figure out the folds. :P

idearabbit-zen6Negitoro $6.50!

The negitoro was an expensive $6.50 but I didn’t notice anything superior to any rolls for half the price at other places. It wasn’t as flavourful and the nori (seaweed) was really chewy. It didn’t have the fresh nori smell I loved. This is not worth ordering here.

idearabbit-zen5 idearabbit-zen4Tori Gyoza $7.95

The Tori Gyoza $7.95 was something unexpected. It was nicely presented, but it was not gyoza. It was more like deep fried karaage. I guess if you like karaage, then you’ll be jumping for joy, but I love gyoza so it was a bit of disappointment. Not saying that it didn’t taste good, though I found there was too much sauce for my liking. The veggie wrap in the middle was refreshing and nicely put together.

idearabbit-zen3Tuna Tataki $13.95

Tuna Tataki $13.95 was 5 pieces of sliced tuna. This was my favourite dish out of the three. It came with horse radish, ginger and negi (green onions) which went really well with the ponzu sauce. The tuna was really soft and fresh. An excellent dish.

My friend that wanted to try out Zen asked the server what he recommends for a drink. He brought her the Zen Lemon Ginger $10. I had a sip and it was zesty, cold and really refreshing after a hot day in the sun.

Sheepie had the Kimchi Yaki Udon with pork $10.95 which was a decent size and priced fairly.

Another friend ordered one of the Zen rolls. The Millennium Roll $15.95 with dungeness crab, salmon, tuna wrapped in egg crepe with honey dijon sesame. But as him, Sheepie and I always say – the fancy rolls that are so popular these days all taste the same regardless of the content because they drown it with all the sauce. In this cause, we said the crab flavour was lost and the mayo was too strong.

Overall, it was satisfactory but I would not order the Negitoro again. I personally would pass on the gyoza as well since I still prefer the traditional gyoza. The fancy roll is a hit and miss.

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Lighthouse Park

Region: The North Shore
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10 minutes
Distance: 600 meters
Elevation Gain: minimal
Season: year-round
Camping: No
Dog Friendly: Yes
Approx. 40 minutes from Vancouver

This is not the hike listed on Vancouver Trails website. This is a very short ‘walk’ from the parking lot to the actual Lighthouse. It’s only a 10 minute walk, but do come with walkable shoes – though I did see one Asian girl in super high-heels and dressed as though she was headed to Cactus Club or something. Most of the trail is a wide gravel path, but once you go up some stairs, you need to walk over boulders and rocky surfaces to see the Lighthouse well. You will definitely not be able to go up on them with such high heels!

There is also a hike trail, but instead we biked on the streets in the area for a while until my bike had a flat tire :( Man, the roads here are hilly!! not that I didn’t expect that…my calves burnt and I was panting like crazy.


Huge tree that indicates how old it was


From the viewpoint


Small hut for children to play and learn



Closer to Lighthouse


View of downtown Vancouver

The small parking lot is really bumpy with holes everywhere. Good luck trying to finding a parking lot on a nice summer day…it’s always full. No bikes are allowed on the trails, but there is a place where you can lock up your bikes if you happen to ride up to the parking lot and walk the rest to the Lighthouse.

At the viewpoint there is a small house for kids to play and learn about nature. I was surprised to see no gift shops. LoL. Lighthouse Park is open year-round, park gates close before dusk and there is no camping permitted.