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La Casa Gelato

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This very popular gelato place sits on the corner of Venables and Glen Dr. covered in pink paint with the three Italian colours of green, white and red on the roof. Amazingly, they now have 518 different flavours, though only 218 are on site at a time. It’s always packed, with a lot of kids. However, I’ve only gone during the summer season, so I wonder how the business is during winter time.

idearabbit-lacasagelato1 idearabbit-lacasagelato2 idearabbit-lacasagelato3 idearabbit-lacasagelato4The great thing is that you get to try the flavours. It’s one small scoop on a tiny spoon, but it’s enough for you to taste the flavour. You’ll see everything from chocolate, brandy, fruits, wasabi, lychee and so on.

This time, I tried:

  • Avocado: it’s very faint. The taste of the avocado doesn’t appear until the ice cream has pretty much melted in your mouth and leaves that ‘avocado’ taste. But it’s subtle. Very interesting.
  • Coconut: nice! It’s got frozen coconut chunks and the ice cream is very creamy and flavourful. I quite like it.
  • Bailey Chocolate Cheesecake: a hint of alcohol. The three flavours mix well together.

Ice cream here is a bit on the pricier side. It’s $5 a scoop or $7 for two, and you can have it either in a cup or cone.
This is a must go to for the summer season, especially if you love gelato! You’ll never run out of flavours to try…at least for a while…:P

Another time I went, it was around 9pm, but it was jam packed again!

I tried:

  • Chai Tea which one guy (stranger) said to me that it was really good. I tried it, but wasn’t wow-ed as he put it. To me it didn’t seem like chai flavour.
  • Nerds: wow…so purple!! It tasted really chemically and infused with lots of artificial flavour. It was like tasting really bad kid’s gum. Blah.
  • German Chocolate cake: very rich – if you like chocolate, give this a try!

idearabbit-lacasagelato5 idearabbit-lacasagelato6I ended up getting the Peach Plum and Jasmine Tea. Both were subtle and complimented each other. The 2 scoops were a good portion and we enjoyed the sitting on the stone benches in the parklet across the street with the Xmas lights dangling from the trees (even though it’s summer).


 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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TCBY on UrbanspoonLocated right by the waters of Millennium Park in West Vancouver, this small ice cream shop was a nice treat after a light hike in Lynn Valley with a bunch of friends. They have several ice cream selections plus frozen yogurt  in a cup for about $3.50 Topping are 45 cents each. I got the vanilla frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles.

It melted quite fast was not as dense and textured as the frozen yogurt I recall enjoying from Yogen Fruz.

idearabbit-tcby idearabbit-tcby2 idearabbit-tcby3

We walked over to waters to enjoy the sun and water as we indulged. However, we and many others watched as the seagulls and crows tried to intimidate a Bald Eagle, presumably protecting her nest at the very top of the tree. Being a parent must already be tough, but to have 15 birds swooping down at your head as you duck and scream at them for an hour must be stressful…

Um! Ok, back to TCBY. So the yogurt was ok, though it didn’t wow me. It’s been a while since I’ve had Yogen Fruz, which I recall to be more richer…but that was like 4 years ago, way before my blogging time :P This can only mean, time to test it again! :) Would I still come back to TCBY? I guess so, but since I don’t get to come to this neighbourhood often, I’d likely want to try out something new on the next visit.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Euro Fest 2014

idearabbit-europeanfestival5Main stage with performances

There are many festivals in Vancouver, but this has to be the first one where the ticket is a whopping $15 just to get in. Most of the booths are ones that you’d likely see elsewhere selling crafts and food related to the theme. There was a main stage where performers entertained the visitors. Many of the countries booth were with some pamphlets and it wasn’t really experiencing the countries but felt more like a trades show.

I ordered Bratwurst and pop $10 which was very good but otherwise, it wasn’t worth the $15 admission fee. Being in Europe in 2008, 2013, and again this summer, you don’t sense the real authentic European culture at the fest. I would say that the Powell St Festival for the Japanese community portrays a much better scope of the festival – and it’s free. Still, it was good to check out the Euro festival with friends, but I don’t think I will be returning.

idearabbit-europeanfestival idearabbit-europeanfestival10Model of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany which Disney’s castle was based on. I’m really hoping I get to see the real one when I go to Germany next month!! idearabbit-europeanfestival8 idearabbit-europeanfestival7 idearabbit-europeanfestival6 idearabbit-europeanfestival4  idearabbit-europeanfestival2 idearabbit-europeanfestival1Native stage


Entertaining: carrotcarrot    Cost for Admission/Food: carrot

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