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Jalapenos Mexican Grill and Cantina in Fairheaven, US

Jalapeños on UrbanspoonWe were drawn to the colourful neon lights and the interesting interior. We were greeted by friendly staff and sat at a table on the ground floor. As we suspected from the window, the interior had a nice atmosphere and gave a Mexican flair. The upstairs seemed like it was more of a bar scene.

We were surprised to have complimentary tortilla chips and salsa sauce. Mmm! The cilantro in the sauce is yummy! It was decent portion for the 3 of us.

idearabbit-jalapenos8idearabbit-jalapenos3idearabbit-jalapenosidearabbit-jalapenos2It was hard to understand our server with a strong accent, but we finally decided to get the Tower Sampler $16.95 USD which serves 2-4 adults. It came on a 3 tier server, topped with a combination platter of cheese and chicken quesadillas, chicken tacquitos, mini burritos (bean and cheese and jalapeno poppers. There are tomatoes, sour cream guacamole (yum!), bean dip and ranchero salsa for dipping.

idearabbit-jalapenos4 idearabbit-jalapenos7 idearabbit-jalapenos6 idearabbit-jalapenos5Since we were driving around and eating at odd times, the portion was perfect for us. Everything tasted really good, though perhaps not the weight-friendliest with cheese, deep fried, beans and meat! We were all happy with the place, and when we were looking around the town more after our meal, we talked to a person who recommend that this restaurant was better than the other Mexican place which was just down the road. So I’m glad we did.

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