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Per Diem

Per Diem is a neat blog that posts a photo a day that goes with the theme that they have chosen. For a while, they did letters of the alphabet, where people found the letters either by accident, or intentionally made them from everyday objects. Then they moved on to ‘things that looks like faces’, which was pretty interesting. Now they’re doing some scratch projects.

Really neat. Go check it out :)


Ooooooo! I love letterpress! The texture of the paper, the impression the fonts leaves on the paper….mmmmmm….

Check out this blog site http://adventuresinletterpress.blogspot.com!! Awesome works! I’d love to buy some stuff from her….

Erin McCall is Principal of Sunlit Media. She does everything from graphic, web, identity, and letterpress! Her studio based in Vancouver, BC! So jealous!

Stationery Style


This site is great for inspiration and getting ideas. A useful feature is the “Filter Results” option on the main menu bar. It’ll filter it so that if you’re only interested in seeing logo designs, they will do that for you in an instant. It will also tell you the designer and client, if you’re interested in contacting them.