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eBook Process: Part 2 “Gift From the Moon”

Sorry about the delay! I was super excited, and as you can see on the black and white Kindle, it looks ok :)


However, it seems that there are lots of problems with the coding, and how it’s laid out. Sooooooo…yesterday, I started redoing the project all over again T_T…I’m just hoping that this time, it will work. Although I can’t make it perfect for all the different platforms out there, but my main target are those who have the different Kindle models, iPad and Android tablets. Unfortunately, I still can’t get the Kindle app to work on my Android phone…T_T…

Anways, I spent hours yesterday redoing the images, since the text floating over the image is NOT working with the codes I have. I know it can be done since I’ve seen the samples from Kindle…but can’t seem to figure out their codes…T_T. However, I am just going go with the image at the top and the text below instead. Perhaps in a future edition, and they make it a little more simpler to create!! will I have a book where the text is integrated on top of the illustrations.

So there is still tons of editing and redoing still to be done…T_T…I just hope it all works out in the end!!!

Please email me at hello@idearabbit.ca for any suggestions! or leave a message in the comment section below. Thanks! :D

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Chibird Blog


A super cute blog!!! Comical and cute~~~

One of my favorite and first illustrations I saw that got me interested in her blog :) Go check out her site – it will definitely tickle your soul :) Jackie is apparently only in high school, but she’s got some talent! Not only in drawing, but capturing moments in life to make them comical. Be happy~ ^^