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Reflections 2013

Every year, the students in the IDEA (Illustration and Design) program at Capilano University take on the big task of managing the art projects to raise funds to support their learning and continued cultural ­enrichment. I know it’s a huge project, and a lot of work, cuz I went through it too. Though it seems that it gets bigger and bigger every year, so I can’t imagine what the students are going through in trying to push this project through.

The ‘Reflections’ project started off small when the program started out. Each student painted a iconic scenery of Lower Mainland, mostly in the Vancouver area. The paintings were scanned and produced into calendars. Both the original paintings and calendars were sold to raise funds.

As the program grew bigger, and the project picked up in the local media, retail and residents, so did the project. We started producing greeting cards, buttons, and other original paintings. It was a lot of work, but I did learn quite a bit from the experience, from painting, marketing, producing merchandise, printing, online stores, social media and so on.. so it was a valuable project.

Check out their promotional video on Youtube here.

You can also find out more and support their goals here on Indiegogo or follow their blog here.

tumblr_mc0c5eleYh1rioj6fo1_1280My friend Soobin L.’s christmas cards!!! :D I bought some! Please buy some too!

2 packs of four cards featuring holiday sweet treat illustrations by Soobin L| 8 cards | blank inside | $20

Their 2013 calendars. Hurry! 2012 is almost over!!

Reflections 2013 Calendar featuring the Reflections paintings by the Capilano University students in the IDEA prorgram

Lighthouse Park | by Lia M. | inkjet print, framed 12” x 16”| $60.00

Cindy Buckshon’s Transit Roots Art Exhibition


Talented IDEA classmate and good friend of mine is showing her paintings at the Deer Lake Gallery in Burnaby (6584 Deer Lake Ave).
The gallery features paintings done over the past 1.5 years of the older trolley buses that used to serve Vancouver.

The show will be up from Feb 10 – Mar 3, 2012. Go check it out!!!

Poster in front of Gallery

Cindy Buckshon the artist!

Beautiful, bold paintings!

idearabbit-cindy3 Gallery with paintings




This painting was sold!! Congrats Cindy! :D


My favorite painting :)

Art in Transit

Another talented classmate, Cindy Buckshon from IDEA! :D

Her theme for her paintings are buses from Vancouver and/or Lower Mainland; from the very old models, to the latest using acrylics. Her style and images gives it that nostalgic feel for the buses, and capturing a moment in time as the buses transport us everyday from work, leisure and travel.

She will be exhibiting her bus paintings in February 2012 so keep you eyes peeled for more info!! :D