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Caché Bistro & Lounge

Caché Bistro & Lounge on UrbanspoonAnother Groupon special for 50% off. I’m sure glad I bought it – it’s on my new love list :) . Located in the trendy parts of Yaletown, it’s not an area where I usually go to when it comes to dining. Most of them are on the pricier side, and requires an attire that is more than your normal tshirt and jeans.

I had phoned in on a Friday to make reservations, but unfortunately, they were all booked. So the following week, I phoned on Thursday to make a reservation for Friday at 7pm. When we arrived, it was close to full. The red walls and unique decor was eye-catching. We were both dressed up, but the table next to us were in their jeans, runners and jogging jacket. We weren’t surprised that they were using their Groupon afterward…but we didn’t come in attire like that! They lacked manner and drove my company crazy.




We ordered the Bison Carpaccio (Porchini crusted bison, crispy fried leeks, truffle ailo, pecorino), Seared Scallop $24 and Alsatian Peach Tart, made with fresh BC peaches and blueberries. $9 for dessert. My company ordered Coke Zero while I asked for water.

We waited for a while for the drinks. Much longer then elsewhere. Drinks shouldn’t take this long…it doesn’t take much to prepare. When they finally came, the server apologized that they didn’t have Coke Zero and brought Diet Coke instead. Bummer.

My first time trying out Bison…and raw meat! But I was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious! It was super rich in taste. There isn’t that much, so we savoured every piece as we shared the dish. Since the flavour was strong, we asked for some bread. Not sure if they forgot…or we missed something…as later on, we saw other tables receive bread…did we have to order a specific dish to get them?


Anyways, when we almost gave up on the bread coming, it finally arrived and were able to enjoy the rest of the Carpaccio. My company was very impressed and told the server about it, and said that he should tell the chef for an excellent job. I agreed. And it’s not everyday that a German gives praise to anyone. LOL.

My seared scallop. I LOVE THIS DISH!! I immediately fell in love with it. The scallops were large and juicy. The zuchinni was just cooked to the right point. Not squicsy and sloppy, but not raw. The quiona and the mixture was excellent. The right amount of saltiness, which went very well with the scallops.  I will definitely be back again to try this dish! :D



Seared Scallop $24

The dessert was very good. The pie wasn’t anything spectacular, but the frozen blueberries went well with the hot pie. The mixture of the temperature in your mouth was exciting. My company didn’t like the dried up lime, lemon and orange which were almost like pine needles in your mouth. But I really liked the strong zest flavour. It gave the subtle peach tart a punch.


Although there were delays with the drink and bread, the food exceeded both of our expectations. We were both really happy with the food, and will sure come back again!

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