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Trip to Leavenworth, Washington

For the Christmas spirit, I decided I wanted to check out Leavenworth as several had mentioned about this little town, known as the ‘Bavarian’ town to be a replica of traditional Germany. I had just been to Germany in Sept, so I thought it would be interesting to take a look.

From the Youtube videos that we watched before heading out, Sheepie was already complaining at the fact that the buildings were not made of stone like in Germany. I was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t an authentic German town. I thought that the original settlers from Germany somehow gathered there and started the town. Instead, it used to be another usual American town until they switched for tourist reason only. There are several language mistakes, like “Gift Haus” (Haus is ‘house’ in German). However, they didn’t bother to translate the word Gift into German – well I guess then visitors wouldn’t know what it is. Unfortunately, the word ‘gift’ in German means poison. So if you know German, it can be entertaining, as with any time one is ‘trying’ to translate from one language to another. I see similar things in happening in Asia.

idearabbit-leavenworth12Our first stop in Leavenworth – the gasoline station!

See my first Idea Rabbit video on Youtube! (yes! finally!!! I’m venturing out onto video too!)

We left Vancouver, BC around 11am or so and arrived in Leavenworth around 6pm. It was already dark, perfect for the lit Christmas lights. With the exceptionally warm winter of 2014, there weren’t any snow, even though it was snowing while we drove through the snow covered forests to the town. It was however super cold.


The word ‘Gift’ in German means ‘poison’. So the Poison House! LOLidearabbit-leavenworth6 idearabbit-leavenworth5 idearabbit-leavenworth4 idearabbit-leavenworth3 idearabbit-leavenworth2 idearabbit-leavenworthBeing the day of Christmas, not much was open, especially at this time. We got to take lots of photos but was quite a challenge to find a place to dine. There was King Ludwig open, but there was a huge lineup, so we ended up at Wok About Grill – a Mongolian fast food that had just opened that month.

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idearabbit-leavenworth9With it being the holidays, finding accomodation online prior to going was also time consuming. Most places were all booked out, and only really expensive places were still available. Since we were going there to check out the city and not the hotel, I booked at the Wedge Mountain Inn in Dryden – about a 10 minute drive from Leavenworth for $79.99 USD a night. The manager was originally from Germany but came to America at a young age.

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The next day, we had breakfast at the cafe next to the inn called the Big Y Cafe. Afterwards, we checked out and headed east to Wenatchee since Sheepie was curious to what that town was like. So we drove around and checked it out, also doing some super deal shopping at Walmart.

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We drove through some really interesting terrains. Very different from what we have in Canada. Lots of hills and valleys but Sheepie was puzzled at why there were very little vegetation. The hills seemed to be composed of very loose soil and looked unstable.

We returned to Leavenworth to see the stores open and streets bustling with tourists. If you’re not a crowd-person, then this might not be for you. The town’s core attraction is about a dozen or so blocks, so you can easily go through the entire thing. The town reminded me of being in Germany and it was a nice trip from Vancouver.

idearabbit-leavenworth10 idearabbit-leavenworth11

One Night Cruise with Holland America Line to Seattle

I’ve always heard about this great deal, so for my birthday, I booked the over night trip to Seattle with 3 other friends.

Warning: this post is heavy with photos! :P

Cost per person with double occupancy was only $143.96 CAD – including all taxes and fee that’s paid upfront to CruiseAbout. Later, you’ll also be charged onto your credit card for gratuities at $11.50 per person/per day. You can purchase professional photo (taken before you board the ship) later that day for $20. Yah, it’s a bit expensive, but since it was to celebrate my birthday and my first time on a cruise, it seemed appropriate.

The cruise was departing at 4:45pm, but we were lined up around noon as embarkation started at about 11:30am. We got on and were allowed to start feasting on all the food which is included in the fee. Don’t be late! Everyone must be onboard no later than 90 minutes before departure!


YAH!!! I was so excited for my first cruise trip. Oh!!! so much food!!


What should I get?


Time for lunch! :D


Nice decor inside


Thirsty? They’ve got everything from tea, coffee and juices. Soda and alcohol are extra.


More…pasta and jello~



Look at all those desserts! :D






More salad~ :D


View out the window. Canada Pacific Place as we went for departure.


Fruits time!


Small room, but good enough. We are only there to sleep at night. Otherwise, the rest of the time is spent elsewhere.


We go out on deck to enjoy some sun as the ships starts to move :)


Nobody was swimming in the pool…but oh well, relaxing time!


Hallway and elevator


Some ice cream in the sun :D


Going underneath the Lion Gates Bridge


Bye bye Vancouver!


We come back down for some dessert :)



The doors to the dining area. We wait until it opens.


Nice fine dining room.




Salad and Salmon


Main entree – Chicken.



The sun goes down and the dining area is more romantic.


Time for dessert!




Entertainments/shows in the evening


The next morning, we have breakfast and arrive in Seattle around 10:30am.

After we got off the ship, we spent the day in downtown Seattle until around 3pm and took the Quick Shuttle to Vancouver $40.85 per persoidea-rabbit_mascot-blissn. I was super happy with the trip. I think an overnight cruise is the best (even though I’ve never had anything longer), but the length is perfect. The buffet style is great since you can go and eat whenever you want, as much as you want. The quality is ok for your typical, average buffet. There are different stations that have different kinds of cuisines, like pasta for Italian, sushi for Japanese and so on. So you’ll never get bored eating the same stuff. I was pretty much eating most of the time on the ship…lol.

The fine dining was pretty good. We got to sit by the window, so we were able to watch the sea and the sky gradually turn into the night sky. With a price that usually would only include a hotel room in Vancouver for overnight, this is an AWESOME deal. I hope to do it again – next time I’d like to treat my parents :)

These great trips are only offered in May, so book now with Cruise About!!!

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