Sushi Bella in Kits

Sushi Bella Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoLocated in a very trendy and unique part of Kits, on 4th Ave, this restaurant is a must-go. The distinctive teal coloured door, modern interior and very clean but comfy atmosphere is something to admire. The tables are set apart to give each table more privacy. It seemed that there were more private tables in the back of the restaurant.

Their restaurant is very well branded, using their identity colour, teal for their menu, take-out menu, and black for their chopstick sleeves. Their menu is heavy duty, so it’s an up-scale menu. Their disposable chopstick isn’t the cheap kind either, and some use the dark wood, while others are lighter.

idearabbit-sushibella Very distinctive teal coloured door.


idearabbit-sushibella8Nice brand identity and menu.

idearabbit-sushibella3Chopstick holder that I always make with the sleeve. :P


idearabbit-sushibella5We ordered a Rainbow roll $7, Ocean Dream roll $8 and gyoza $5. My order of the Ocean Dream roll had my favourite negitoro inside, along with avocado, tuna, and chili mayo sauce. The pieces were good size portions, unlike some places that make them way too big to fit (in a good manner way) into your mouth without spilling or looking like a chipmunk. The two rolls were decorated nicely with garnish and all 3 dishes were presented beautifully on white slick plates.

idearabbit-sushibella6Rainbow roll $7

idearabbit-sushibella7Ocean Dream roll $8

idearabbit-sushibella8and gyoza $5

The service was very good. Friendly staff and not too annoying, like coming by every 5 minutes to fill our already full cups of tea…The gyoza did come very late the point that we thought they might have forgotten…that’s my only small ‘complaint’ I guess. Otherwise, it’s a thumbs up. The price is in the mid range, but you’re getting the quality of food, service and setting for it, and well worth trying it out.

I’m looking forward to one opening up in downtown. It’ll mean I can walk over there any time. It will be interesting to see if they keep their consistency with all of the above mentioned attributes. Stay tuned for Sushi Bella on Davie St when they open! :)

2nd Time


Gyoza $5idearabbit-sushibella_kits5Harmony Roll $6idearabbit-sushibella_kits3


For dinner with friends, we sat at the very last table at the back. I was a bit disappointed that the Harmony Roll $6 was a futomaki (big roll). I am not a big fan of futomaki as they are really hard to eat. I have to take them apart, but the taste was good. The salmon nigiri was fresh and tasty. The gyoza was crispy and hot! Music that evening was way too loud. One server brought us two dishes at separate times after we were done eating which were someone else’s orders. I think she was confused :S

Friends ordered some sashimi. Nicely presented, but the sashimi are way too thick and big. My friend asked for knives to cut it with. This is not proper Japanese food. Japanese food are suppose to be easy to eat with bite sizes, not about stuffing yourself with huge chunks of food.idearabbit-sushibella_kits6Okonomiyaki which I didn’t get to try. Maybe next time :)

3rd Time
The for lunch with a group of 8 people, we were again seated at the last table at the back. This time, the music level was good, but the back door was kept open and my friend and I froze to death. I thought it was the AC…I should have asked the staff to close the door…so I didn’t really enjoy the lunch…bummer
idearabbit-sushibella_kits7To try something different for a change, I ordered the Original Sushi Pizza $7 with tuna, salmon on deep fried compressed rice. It was beautifully presented and was interesting to have raw fish mixed with chewy but crispy on the outside rice. Try it!

Our server kept making mistakes, giving the wrong bentos to someone else (not the same server as the previous one). At payment, he couldn’t figure out the bills because he had given them to the wrong people. For the actual payment, a girl came and Sheepie’s bill was $14-something. He gave her a $50 bill and told her he wanted to pay $17 from that. Sheepie was busy talking to everyone (as usual) so that he didn’t notice he had gotten back only $17!!! As he talked on and was about to put it into his wallet, I told him that ‘you had just paid $33 for your bill’. Luckily, he got that fixed though.

Stay alert at this restaurant! Seems like they make small mistakes often.

Food Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot     Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

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