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Kitstaya Sushi

Kitstaya Sushi on UrbanspoonWe were in the Kits area and felt like sushi. Since we had gone to Sake Maki and Green Leaf several times already, we thought we’d try a new place.

As soon as we walked in, we knew that it wasn’t going to be good sushi. The restaurant was full and many were lined up for take out, but the interior and servers look told us that we weren’t going to be happy customers.

The corner we were sitting at was alittle cramped. The interior was nothing fantastic. It seemed  like a  Chinese run Japanese restaurant which felt cheap. (though I have read that it’s owned and operated by Japanese and Chinese on Follow Me Foodie) Sure enough, when the food arrived, our assumption were true. Miso soup tasted like fluoride. The meals were really cheap, but so was the quality. I saw no Japanese customers. I am not a fan of tuna when they are so thick and blocky. Not only that, the chefs would be fired if it was in Japan.

Some places were a bit dirty. With customers waiting, it seemed like people were being rushed. I think the table behind us left because their orders weren’t being taken.

Never going back again!
But thumbs up to free parking underground around the back of the restaurant.










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Ramen Sanpachi on Broadway

Ramen Sanpachi on UrbanspoonWe had gone to Green Leaf Sushi, but it was really packed and there was a line up. Since we were pressed for time, we went to the near by ramen-ya, Sanpachi. It was dinner time, and we were surprised to find the restaurant practically bare. There were only one table of customers.

The restaurant was clean, and tried to look modern, but failed with Christmas lights still hanging on the wall in early summer. Not only that, only half the lights were working. The seats and table were comfortable, and sturdy.





Dip Noodles (hot or cold) $11.95


My friend got a soup based ramen

I ordered the dip noodles  since I order soup based ramen all the time. I thought I’d give it a try. You can order it hot or cold. I got it hot. Our food came pretty quickly, but with the lack of customers, I guess it made sense. For $11.95, I thought it was pricey. Sanpachi isn’t the only one who charges over $10 for a bowl of ramen. Santouka does as well. In fact, it seems like a lot of them charge more than what I could pay in Japan. Since the price already includes taxes and no tips system in Japan, it makes it even more expensive and a bit ridiculous to eat ramen here in Canada.

The ramen was alright. I was skeptical since an year before, I had gone to the Sanpachi in downtown. I think I ordered a Shio ramen back then, and was super disappointed and had listed Sanpachi as the worst ramen-ya. The noodles were floating in soup that bland.
Way too much soup in fact. The noodles drowned.
This time, since I didn’t get the soup, so I can’t compare, but the taste was ok. You pick up some of the noodles from one bowl, and then dip them into the sauce in the other bowl. The soup is a lot more concentrated than when it’s with the noodles within it.

I’m not sure if I’d go back. I guess I am willing to give it another try sometime.

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Sake Maki in Kits – CLOSED

Sake Maki 清酒 on UrbanspoonSo after going to the one on Commercial, we went to the newly opened location on Broadway. (see my review on Commercial location)

I must say WOW! what a difference! Not just that it is new, but the interior is just fabulous. Definitely a upgrade compared to the Commercial one. Thick wooden seats and tables, dark wooden walls and very modern decor. The right side of the restaurant had tables and chairs, the middle was one huge table with really neat chairs (ie. a wooden seat carved into a shape of a fish), and the top of the tables were decorated with large ikebana-like plants. On the left hand side were booths there the floor was raised and you sit around a fixed table. You normally see them in a lot of Japanese restaurants like Tanpopo, Kaneda, Honjin, etc. It’s harder to get in/out, especially with a huge group, but it does have a close coziness atmosphere.







Pretty menus

For the first visit, it was for dinner. Late dinner actually around 9:45pm. We were the last ones in the restaurant, so we got a nice quiet light supper. The AC was a bit too strong for a cold March evening though. I kept my light jacket on the entire time. We had scallop rolls, 2 salmon and 1 tuna nigiri, and dynamite rolls. The waitress asked us if we wanted wild sockeye or farmed salmon. Both were for the same price at $2 a piece, so I chose wild. All the sushi were really good. The waitress did come too often to fill up our full tea cups. Perhaps she was bored with no one else to serve. But she was really friendly. They closed at 10:30pm, so we didn’t stay too long. But we were both happy with the place and planned to come back with a larger group for lunch. I really like this place! it’s a ‘recommend’ restaurant for me :)


Scallop rolls


Dynamite roll

Second Visit at Lunch

This time, we went with a group of 12 people for lunch. They have a really good combo deal, and I got Combo E. It included a salad, 4 piece tempura, any of the chef special rolls (which are $8.95) and wonton soup, all for $12.95.

The restaurant was more than half empty for the entire time we were there (1:30-3:30pm). The manager-looking woman didn’t seem to happy or eager to serve us, especially for bringing a large group to the restaurant. We thought ‘hey, we’re bringing her good business!’ Otherwise, she’d only have like 3-4 single/couple tables to serve. The food came reasonably quickly. The salad was good, I love the wonton soup (maybe cuz I love soup and wontons – a great combination, lol), and the chef special roll, which I ordered a Hornby roll (Spicy Tuna Roll Topped with Mix Scallop) which was delicious! The tempura came last, but by that time, I was so stuffed. I gave them to others. It looked a bit on the greasier side, so I guess for health reasons, it’s good that I avoided it.

Overall, the group seemed to really like the taste and value. The girl next to me wanted her Spicy roll in her combo to be without any spice. They forgot or the chef wasn’t told, and they made it spicy. She didn’t want to waste her food, so she took it in. Otherwise, it was a good experience. I’m in love with Sake Maki (Kits location only)! Love the interior! Love the food! I’ll definitely be going back again for sure!


We came back numerous times after that, sometimes at lunch, late afternoon, or for dinner. It didn’t matter when, but it was never full which kind of surprised me. The prices were really good, and they had good bento combinations.

The service has been generally been pretty good except for that one time with the manager. No other complaints except sometimes their AC is freezing cold!




Wonton soup that came with the combo. Yes, I know, it’s NOT Japanese soup.


Cute cubed agedashi tofu



Tuna tataki – very good!


Chicken karaage



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