Ramen Sanpachi on Broadway

Ramen Sanpachi on UrbanspoonWe had gone to Green Leaf Sushi, but it was really packed and there was a line up. Since we were pressed for time, we went to the near by ramen-ya, Sanpachi. It was dinner time, and we were surprised to find the restaurant practically bare. There were only one table of customers.

The restaurant was clean, and tried to look modern, but failed with Christmas lights still hanging on the wall in early summer. Not only that, only half the lights were working. The seats and table were comfortable, and sturdy.





Dip Noodles (hot or cold) $11.95


My friend got a soup based ramen

I ordered the dip noodles  since I order soup based ramen all the time. I thought I’d give it a try. You can order it hot or cold. I got it hot. Our food came pretty quickly, but with the lack of customers, I guess it made sense. For $11.95, I thought it was pricey. Sanpachi isn’t the only one who charges over $10 for a bowl of ramen. Santouka does as well. In fact, it seems like a lot of them charge more than what I could pay in Japan. Since the price already includes taxes and no tips system in Japan, it makes it even more expensive and a bit ridiculous to eat ramen here in Canada.

The ramen was alright. I was skeptical since an year before, I had gone to the Sanpachi in downtown. I think I ordered a Shio ramen back then, and was super disappointed and had listed Sanpachi as the worst ramen-ya. The noodles were floating in soup that bland.
Way too much soup in fact. The noodles drowned.
This time, since I didn’t get the soup, so I can’t compare, but the taste was ok. You pick up some of the noodles from one bowl, and then dip them into the sauce in the other bowl. The soup is a lot more concentrated than when it’s with the noodles within it.

I’m not sure if I’d go back. I guess I am willing to give it another try sometime.

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