International Summer Night Market

International Summer Night Market 國際夏日夜市 on UrbanspoonAfter going to the Richmond Night Market, we decided to go to the Summer Night Market for a change. Admission is free, and finding parking is a lot easier than the other market.
Despite the free admission, there is less crowds than the other one. It could be because there are less booths, but most of the booths – at least what they offer seem to be similar.

There is a small stage where for the entire evening, there was live performance from belly dancing and hip hop singers. We lined up at one of the booth to get the taiyaki and the famous hurricane potato. I’d always wanted to try out the hurricane so it was about time.

There are several filling options for the taiyaki $1. Nutella, red bean or Bavarian cream. I wanted the red bean, but my friend wanted the Bavarian, so we got that. It was super hot, and I ended up burning my tongue T_T. My friend squeezed and cream shot out burning him a lot more. He complained to the people that there should be some warning – either by telling us, or a sign.idearabbit_international_summer_night_market1

idearabbit_international_summer_night_market3idearabbit_international_summer_night_market2Hurricane Potato $4

There were also different flavours available for the hurricane $4. We got the BBQ. Looked greasy although it wasn’t extremely terrible but it was EXTREMELY salty. My friend brushed off the BBQ powder that they had rolled the potato as much as he could. We  forced ourselves to eat it, but only could do half. The saltiness was nauseating. We ended up throwing away the rest. Should have gotten plain!

There’s a Pepsi stand to see whether you like coke or Pepsi. We were both coke drinkers, and ended up choosing (blindly) liking coke. Pepsi had a chemical after taste. Anyways, there’s no right or wrong answer. I think Pepsi does it to see which ones are popular. For participating, we each got free bag of sunflower seeds.

Near closing time, around 11:30pm or so, you can enjoy the closing sale deals. Many booths will have their dishes lowered to $2. Closes at midnight!

Open from May 10 to September 8, 2013.
Friday and Saturday: 7pm – 12am
Sunday and holidays: 7pm – 11pm