Richmond Night Market

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It’s summer time and that means festivals and eating out! Of course that means you have to go the Richmond Night Market for some Asian foods and gadgets!

Getting to the location by car is a bit challenging, especially to find parking. If you follow everyone else, it’ll take you forever just to get to a parking lot. I’m not sure how my friend found one so quickly, for free and right by the market. But then again, he’s good at that kind of stuff…lol

Admission is $2! You’d think that this would deter everyone in going to the other market (Summer Night Market – yes, there are 2! Don’t get them confused) but no! It’s probably much more lively and crowded than the other one. It’s FREE admission for children 10 & under and for Seniors over 60.


2013 theme is the yellow duckling!

This year, the theme is yellow ducks. There are 2 huge inflatable ducks, along with little ones scattered throughout the market dressed up in different traditional uniforms/clothing, great photo opportunities.

I was surprised to see the huge increase in prices. Meat skewers used to be 3 for $5. Now it was  $7+. Everything seemed to have gone up…but that didn’t stop the crowd from buying all the food!

It definitely seemed like more booths than the other market. My company wanted to buy a car camera and laser but no luck. It felt like there was a huge supply of phone covers and less real gadget products. I didn’t see those electric LED tshirts that I use to see.

Around 11:20-30 or so, the booths will start having the ‘closing sale’ deals. Usually, this means that most dishes will be priced down to $2. If you go around 10 minutes to midnight, you might be able to get even better deals, but you have to bargain with them. I got 2 noodles for $3 instead of $2 each. My friend got some deals on the mini-donuts.

The last couple times I’ve gone, the stage has been empty with no performance.

Hours of operation are Friday and Saturday 7pm-12 midnight and Sunday and holidays 6pm-11pm. It’s open from May 17 to Oct 14 – plenty of time to go several times! Go check it out!