Green Leaf Sushi

Green Leaf Sushi on UrbanspoonOne of my friend had been mentioning that Green Leaf was a good Japanese restaurant. Then one night after dining at Sake Maki on Broadway, we walked by it and thought we should come here next time.

It’s a small Korean run sushi restaurant. Interesting decor on the right hand side with a lot of antiques. There is a hidden small section for one table for a group. The chef has memorable hair. It reminds me of those ancient Chinese men who would have their hair very long and braided in the back.


The restaurant seems clean but wasn’t new. It doesn’t have that ‘it’s completely renovated’ feel somehow. The server didn’t say anything about the specials on the blackboards until we noticed after we had ordered.

However, on the second time we went there and had a closer look, the menu said that dynamite roll + gyoza combo was $8, while the ‘Today’s Special’ said it was usually $10, and it was on special for $8. Scam? I guess if you weren’t looking carefully, you’d feel you were getting a deal, when you in fact weren’t.

For the first time, we didn’t know what to  expect, so I ordered a Negirtoro roll, Tuna Takaki, Gyoza. idearabbit-greenleaf2The Gyoza came out fried. It tasted very good, but as someone who tries to eat a little healthier, I guess this isn’t the best way to eat gyoza.

idearabbit-greenleaf5The Tuna Takaki was really good!! Melted in your mouth, and although I would have like more ponzu sauce, it was very fresh and light. Negitoro was satisfactory.

idearabbit-greenleaf3Every time you dine in, you also get a complimentary “House Roll”. It’s not real sushi…it’s like Vietnamese style sushi fusion. Lol. I find the sauce a bit too strong, so not a huge fan. *UPDATE: we’ve been back many times since, and they no longer serve this complimentary roll.

I would totally recommend this restaurant! It’s got a nice home comfy feel. Nothing fancy, but the quality of the food is very good. Presentation and freshness is great. My company loved it so much, it’s likely become his favourite Japanese restaurant, so we’ve gone back to it many times. If you go during peak hours, be prepared to wait, or take a stroll through Kits while waiting for your table.

*UPDATE: not sure why, but whenever we sit by the kitchen area, my eyes start hurting and watery, as if the kitchen was cutting up a lot of onions. Sheepie gets it too sometimes, though milder. Anyone else get this?



Negitoro roll




Negitoro with 2 smoked salmon, 2 house rolls, masago and tamago


More Updates

You can obviously tell we go back often to Green Leaf with all of the updates. Our recent visit surprised us with a bit of change in the table and seats, but even more with an additional menu.

idearabbit-greenleafsushi51 idearabbit-greenleafsushi52 I had to try out the Salmon Aburi Oshi Sushi $12. It was super soft and oily (but in a good way). Mmmm….love aburi oshi sushi… now I love Green Leaf even more! idearabbit-greenleafsushi50

Piggy joined us :) Enjoying his sushi

idearabbit-greenleafsushi53Our friends ordered the Assorted Sushi Combo $18 which has 8 pieces of nigiri sushi, Tuna roll and Salmon roll. Presentation was great on a nice wooden board and placed nicely. I only had a piece of the tuna roll, but it was fresh and good.

They also ordered the Ebi Aburi Oshi Sushi (sorry, no pic!), and had a piece. This one had a Western flavour with a slice of black olive and creamy mayo and cheese. Still, very good.

As usual, Sheepie ordered the combo: Appetizer Tuna and Salmon Sashimi (4 pieces) with Dynamite roll and miso soup $13. Sheepie was disappointed in his combo as the portion was considerably less than before. It was a combo he always ordered, so he knew well. Not sure if this was just this occasion, or if they really did change the portion for the dish. (we went back again, and it was the smaller portion, so I guess that’s their standard size now…) Luckily, the taste had not gone down hill.

Service is good and they’ve hired more staff to accommodate the demand.

We’ll be back :)

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