The Lok

On Lok Restaurant & Won-Tun House 安樂麵家 on UrbanspoonInexpensive Chinese restaurant, which is usually only half empty. It’s a fairly spacious restaurant, but it’s sectioned off into front half and back. Always sat in the front section, so not sure what the back is for…

The table and chairs are cheap. One must wonder about the sanitation of the place…I would suggest getting take out if you want food from them. The service isn’t that great, though we weren’t expecting much. The lady was quick and impatient, almost like she was stressed out. The man on the other hand seemed a bit more gentle, but wasn’t sure if he understood English…It was nice however, that 2 other staff came up to us and asked if we had already ordered. But they didn’t seem to have an orderly system to keep things organized.idearabbit_onlok2

idearabbit_onlok1The super cheap menu was only available after 9pm…too early at 6pm…idearabbit_onlok3

Their regular menuidearabbit_onlok5Fried rice $7.30idearabbit_onlok4Curry with rice $7.45

I thought I wouldn’t come back here again after the first time, I felt a bit uneasy. But after a long hike at Lynn Valley Creek, we were both sweaty, in camou clothing and weren’t in the best attire for a fancy restaurant or anything.

The fried rice was a bit too salty for my liking, but really fluffy and delicious with lots of shredded chicken. The curry was good also, but I preferred eating the fried rice over curry. It had good chunks of vegetables and chicken. For the price, the portions are a bargain! Even after the hike and both of us being hungry, we weren’t able to finish both plates. We ended up getting a doggie bag.

I wouldn’t mind getting take out from this place…not so much to dine in.

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