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We arrived at the restaurant slightly before midnight. It was really full and busy. Last time we came around the same time, the lineup deterred us and we left. This time, we stuck around, and glad that we did since the wait was barely 5 minutes.

It’s very moody inside, dimly lit with candles on each table. The cafe is quite large, with lots of seating area. Customers are – mostly Asians, with a lot of young Korean and Japanese couples or girlfriends.

idearabbit-cheesecakeetc20I ordered the original with strawberry and a drink of lemonade. I was really surprised – I love the cheesecake!!! It was SO GOOD! It had the right sweetness and the lemonade is refreshing from the creaminess from the cheesecake, as well as from the weather  on a summer night out. The portion is also perfect. Mmmmm cheesecake, fruits and whip cream! You can’t ask for anything better :D I am usually not a cake person, but this is a must try! It makes sense why this place is so popular!

What’s even more interesting is that it’s open till 1am, and many come by that late to eat! 2 thumbs up!


Dimly lit cafe


The best cheesecake ever! :D



Since then, we’ve been back several times. This time, I ordered something different as I always ordered the original Cheesecake with Strawberries. I got the original with Mocha sauce. (The mocha usually comes with almonds, but because of my nut allergy I had it without) – but the same price though. at $6.67 idearabbit-cheesecakeetc21

Wow! Look at that! Overloaded with sweetness. It was really good, but I had to give the last 1/3 over to Sheepie who has a big sweet tooth. idearabbit-cheesecakeetc22This one doesn’t even look like a cheesecake anymore :P

I keep forgetting that this is the only place I know that charges for hot water with lemon – gotta stop doing that…

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