Cafe Crepe on Robson

Cafe Crepe on UrbanspoonA group of us (7) went for a late dessert around 9:30pm on a Wednesday night. I was surprised to see a hostess that seated us for a cafe. He put 2 tables together so that we could all sit together. The interior was dark, with black and white tiles. Nothing fancy, but with comfortable booth benches and friendly service, you can spend a lot of time there.

I ordered hot water with lemon, and sugar butter crepe $3.95 with whipping cream $1.50. The crepe was delicious, and the additional cream made it even more irresistible.  (yes, I love cream). The server did screw up on one of our order, putting whip cream instead of ice cream. They ended up putting ice cream on top of the whipping cream…I’m not sure if she got charged for both…




Sugar butter crepe $3.95 with whipping cream $1.50


Great service and good food. I wished though that they had a more extensive sweet crepes menu such as with strawberries, blueberries, peaches, kiwis, etc. They did have jam, but it’s not the same as fresh fruits! They did have one with nutella and fresh strawberries…though since I can’t have nutella due to nut allergies, I can’t order that, nor do I want to pay $8.50 for it when I can get a crepe with lots of whip cream and strawberries for half that price at the Japanese crepe shop some doors down. But the cafe not only has crepes. It has quite an extensive menu for other food item. Anyways, I’ll be back!

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