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Ramen!!! I got the $15 Groupon ($30 value) and was excited to try the place out. Since most ramen are $8.95 – $10, you can easily have 3 dine with one voucher. We had 4 people, but still, it was a great bargain.

We walked in and saw that it was really busy and people were waiting for tables.There were no greetings by neither the guy nor girl that worked the floors. EVER.
There were two tables with 2 seats each that was available when we walked in.

We stood around and watched as how the restaurant was run. I tried raising my hand to get the servers attention, but they completely made sure to ignore us. There were 2 families that were waiting for the big tables to be free and cleared. We tried getting the attention of the servers to see if were allowed to sit at the two empty tables since I could sense that the 2 families had their eyes set on the large tables.

The first large table was cleared and one family sat. As the second large table was being cleared, the waiting families sat in the seats at the 2 empty tables I knew we would get seated at. And I was right. No one came to talk to us or anything, so I pushed myself to ask if we could sit at the two empty tables. They acknowledge from afar. I don’t know how long we waited, but it was extremely frustrating with the lack of service. They were both Japanese, and couldn’t believe this treatment.

I sat with Sheepie, while the other 2 guys sat at the other table.The hot tea in glass came promptly, but they didn’t come back to take our orders. We wondered why they weren’t. When I asked my friends at the other table, outrageously, their orders were already taken! It wasn’t like they could forget us. We were next to each other. Again, I tried to get some attention so we could order, but seems like there is a invisible curtain blocking their view to us. Finally, I said to the guy “Can we order?!” (in English). He walked on by and told the girl in Japanese to take our order without making any eye contact with me, or saying to us that she would be coming soon. At that time, I thought of saying ‘excuse me?’ in Japanese to see if they would react differently…but I didn’t.

I hate to bring this topic up, but Sheepie began to feel because he was the only ‘Caucasian’ in the restaurant. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the first time that we have both experienced some avoidance or unacceptable behavior on either party. Sheepie didn’t look like a bum or anything. In fact, on that day, he was wearing a complete suite, with proper shoes and hair all done nicely for an event before that. He looked posh and a well citizen more than anyone else in the restaurant.

Midway through our meal, I noticed another Caucasian. I could see he came a single customer. There was a single seater table which I thought he could sit at, but he was made to wait. When we were about to leave, I saw him being seated at that very same table. I have worked at restaurants before, and this is not the way to run. Of course, they’re food is really good, so people come back, but the service is bad. I hope it’s just an organizational issue and not something else.





Shiro Ramen $9.50

I ordered Shiro Ramen (not to be confused with Shio. Shiro is white, while Shio is salt) which is $9.50 on it’s own and onigiri $3.50, but combining into a set (Set A) came to $11.90. The onigiri was super hot and tasted good. I really liked the Shiro ramen. Finally! Another ramen-ya other than Benkei that I liked. Yes, I’m not a big fan of the infamous Santouka like everyone else. Maybe the staff saw me taking photos and jotting down notes, but after that, the service was a bit better – or normal I should say.

There isn’t much room when it’s all packed. No place to hang your coats, but there are fabric cubed baskets under the table to place you belongings. One of the four went back to Maruko on a weekday for lunch. He said that at that time, it wasn’t full and was quiet. So I guess it depends when you go.

I was really not happy with the service, but since the ramen was really good, I plan to go back again :)

Return Again for Lunch

I went back twice for lunch. The first time, I ordered the same Shiro ramen. Not sure why, but I didn’t feel that the ramen was good as the very first time. The restaurant was pretty empty and slow for both times. Service was also good for both times, so I gave them 2 more carrots to the Service rating to the average 3 carrots.

idearabbit-MARUKO5Chicken Ramen

The second time for lunch, I ordered the Chicken Ramen for a change. I was disappointed in the quality of the chicken. It was all fatty and chewy. I left most of the meat uneaten T_T. I know that Japanese tend to love meat with a lot of fat. For some reason, it’s considered better meat there. Same with Toro – the fattier the better. Blah. I didn’t like it at all. Wont be ordering this again! So I’ve taken one carrot of the taste (from 4 carrots) since this is the second time I haven’t been wowed with their ramen.

A note of caution: the door is super heavy to the point it’s locked. LOL.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot