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The acquaintance who introduced Green Leaf Sushi to us kept talking about The Eatery, so we decided to go check it out. It was jam packed on a rainy evening and were told that they were full. There were 2 tables side by side that were empty and when we questioned about it, the staff told us that they were holding it for a reservation at 8pm. It was 7pm. There was only Sheepie and I and we told them we were just going to grab something quick to eat and go. 1 hour was plenty of time. After we sat down, the table next to us was also seated.

The restaurant was dark, with neon lights. There were many crazy paper-mache creatures hanging from the ceiling. A unicorn, glass covered monsters, octopus, and so on. It was really funky. There was a live DJ that kept the atmosphere lively and loud. The candle holder was a beer bottle. The seats were a bit torn or stained, but with such dim lighting, it was really hard to ‘examine’ the interior except for the odd decors.






Apparently, food isn’t the only thing you can order…


Everything we ordered on one plate

The servers were very friendly, though a bit hard to hear in the noisy atmosphere. I ordered the Andy Warhol roll $6.50 and Tuna Takaki $8.50 while Sheepie ordered the Bob Marley roll $5.95 and Found Nemo Roll $6.95. Not only were they creative with the interior, but also with the names of the rolls.

All our dishes came out on one single plate. I was disappointed in the presentation despite the cost of the rolls. It didn’t seemed to have been considered that much, and having all of it on one plate made it look crowded. Secondly, Warhol’s roll was only 5 pieces for $6.50. None of the roll was anything special in spite of the fancy names. The tuna tataki was ok, but for the same price, you could get something way better at Green Leaf.

After having 4 dishes, we were still hungry, but because we thought the table was being used for a reservation, and also wasn’t too thrilled with their food, we decided to eat more at home instead.  When the server came to ask us if we wanted dessert, we asked for the bill instead. She asked us if we were in a hurry because of the reservation. She informed us at that time that they were going to use another table that was free elsewhere, so there was no rush. However, we had decided that we were done.

It was a really unique restaurant – definitely not your typical Japanese restaurant. In fact, there was nothing Japanese about it except for the sushi and reference to Hello Kitty. I wasn’t a fan of their food, especially for the price and for those of you who have read my previous blogs also know I don’t really like loud atmosphere. I don’t think I’ll be ever be going back again.

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