Benny’s Cafe

Benny's Cafe on UrbanspoonI started taking some German language courses in the evening and since it would take too much time to go from work to home and then to class, I usually go straight to the school, park and find a cafe or restaurant nearby to dine.

I found Benny’s, a hipster, neat cafe on Broadway and Larch near Thomas Haus. (click here to read post on Thomas Haus). I ordered the Benny’s Benny $7.69 which has two poached eggs, black forest ham and hollandaise on a bagel of your choice. (you can also substitute it with a veggie version with avocado) and Tea. For being a cafe and only two poached eggs with no side dishes or anything, I thought it was quite pricey. It was really good with the soft pouched eggs and lots of sauce, though the bagel was hard and chewy, making it hard to cut pieces off with the knife.

The cafe is a two storey wooden cafe, with a fireplace and couches on one side. The tables are neat though with gaps, it can be a problem with things falling through.

They will take your name at the cashier and will call out your name once the food is ready and will bring it to your table. There are plastic cups (noooo) with water for self serve available if you need some. I do find the music loud, and some of the choice of music, not to my liking so it’s not the ideal cafe to study. I’m the type of person who needs peace and quiet, like the library to study.

idearabbit-bennys idearabbit-bennys2 idearabbit-bennys3 idearabbit-bennys4 idearabbit-bennys5Benny’s Benny  $7.69

For the second time, I ordered the Soup and Salad $4.85. The soup of the day was Coconut Thai. I was a bit worried about Thai since my stomach always seemed to not agree with Thai food, but considering it was the only one left, I decided to take the risk. (I was ok afterward despite the subtle grumbling in my stomach lol) For the salad, you have the choice of either a garden or caesar salad. I ordered a garden salad. It comes with an Italian dressing on the side. The bowl for the salad is a bit small, making it a bit difficult to eat with the mountain of veggies piled up in the bowl. For a tasty soup and refreshing salad, it’s a good deal. :)


Garden Salad with Italian dressingidearabbit-bennys8

Soup of the Day: Coconut Thai

Service in terms of friendliness or energy is mediocre, but I was happy when I wanted a to go cup for my mug of African nectar All Mighty tea $1.90, she added hot water to fill the to go cup to the top.


I went back and had a Chicken Roll $2.60 (tax incl.) which they microwaved. It was super hard and dry. Had no flavour. It was terrible. Do not order this! Their Chocolate Croissant $2.50 was pretty good on the other hand.idearabbit-bennys16

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