True Confections on Denman

True Confections on UrbanspoonWe arrived around 9:30pm on a Saturday, but it was completely packed and super busy. Even after we sat and ate, there were more and more people waiting at the door to get in. It has a nice interior, but most of the time, can’t see much since it quite dim.

I ordered an African Nectar tea $2.95 to share with Sheepie and got the Tiramisu $7.95 as dessert. Sheepie ordered the Boston Cream Pie $6.95.

idearabbit-trueconfectionsTiramisu $7.95

I am not too sure of the hype or popularity. I’ve never found their cakes to be that super, and find it extremely expensive for what I get. It was crowded and cramped, our tables pretty much touching the table next to us. The tiramisu was soggy and I didn’t really like it.

Service is hard to get at times because it’s so busy. It’s not friendly or anything either. When we wanted to pay, we noticed that the table next to us (opposite of the table that we were almost touching), the couple left the transaction machine on the table as no one came to retrieve it or say thanks to them. So we picked it up, Sheepie asked one of the staff passing by for the staff code to get in and we did the entire transaction ourselves. Talk about security and safety here.

The lady’s washroom is interesting with pink walls and pink chandeliers.

Overall, I think it’s overated. The only good things about True Confections is that they are open late.

 Taste: carrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot