Mucho Burrito on Broadway

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The place was pretty big and festive-looking, but only a table was occupied. It was our first time being there so I felt a bit suspicious of the quality of the food due to the lack of customers. The guy at the counter was really friendly and happy. When he found out it was our first time there, he showed us the size of the wraps. Sheepie got the regular burrito for around $8 which comes with sauce, corn tortilla chips and any drink. You select what you’d like in your burrito, pretty much like at Subway.

I wasn’t too hungry, so I ordered the kids Chicken Quesadilla $4.95 which came with chips and a can for drink.

idearabbit-muchoburrito idearabbit-muchoburrito2 idearabbit-muchoburrito3  idearabbit-muchoburrito5 idearabbit-muchoburrito6idearabbit-muchoburrito4Kids Chicken Quesadilla $4.95

The place was quiet and clean, but slightly lonely. The food was ok. Sorry, I’m just not a fan of eating too much fast food or heavy stuff. It was nice that the chips weren’t salted so they were easy for me to eat. The burritos may look a bit small, but it’s packed with meat, rice, beans and veggies. Sheepie was quite stuffed with his burrito.

Second Time

idearabbit-muchoburrito20 idearabbit-muchoburrito21

This time, I ordered the Taqueria Salad $9.75 with Chicken, ranchero dressing. I had pretty much every topping on it except any hot peppers. The portion was pretty large. It was really good! Not as good as Chipotle, I must admit, but the ingredients were fresh and tasty.idearabbit-muchoburrito22

Sheepie had the Burrito which looks like a large potato, lol. He was quite stuffed by the end.

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