Pho Queen 皇后越南餐廳

Pho Queen 皇后越南餐廳 on UrbanspoonA friend suggested going here after I mentioned I wanted some pho. It was about 4pm on a Sunday and there were only 2 other tables occupied with some take outs during our meal.
The tables and condiment containers were dirty. There was one server lady who was friendly but was serving wearing black rubber boots?! The place seemed like a typical pho place – slightly run down, although there was a nice big chandelier in the middle… Sheepie noticed that the paper wrappers for all the chopsticks were reused. Later on, we saw the serve prepping the supposedly washed chopsticks into used paper wrappers. Argh! One of our tea cups was really dirty – as if it was straight from the grey dish bins that’s been sitting out for a while. Of course, we asked for new one! The dishwasher also brought out the large trays with cups and utensils out to the dining area, making a racket and sorting them out.

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The prices had been changed twice.idearabbit-phoqueen4I ordered #10 Pho Queen Dac Biet $7.50 (small). Despite the turnoff points of the actual restaurant, the pho itself was pretty good. I should have ordered the large, as the small wasn’t enough for me. idearabbit-phoqueen5Sheepie ordered the Curry Chicken with rice. Looked good, but he wasn’t too happy with the bones and quality of the meat.

We all shared an order of spring rolls $5 among the three of us which was ok.
Good pho, dirty restaurant. Don’t think I’d return.

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