Corner Cup Coffee House

Click to add a blog post for Corner Cup Coffee House on Zomato On a late Sunday afternoon, we dropped by this nice, open and surprisingly empty cafe. The server was friendly, and they had a good selection on their menu. It has a ‘Kits’ feel with the laid back atmosphere, a bicyclist dad with his daughter, student studying with a laptop and book by the big table. Affordable drinks and desserts. There were different seating styles for your comfort and needs.

idearabbit-cornercupcoffee idearabbit-cornercupcoffee2 idearabbit-cornercupcoffee3 idearabbit-cornercupcoffee4I ordered a Organic African Nectar latte, while Sheepie had a regular latte and a dessert bar. We sat by the window in the lounge chairs. Pretty good, laid back cafe. It was a nice new find, but with some really negative reviews, maybe we were just plain lucky. We’ll be back again.

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