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Burger King in Port Coquitlam

Burger King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoI’ve seen the cute chicken’s packaging, and been tempted to order them before. I finally did this time and ordered the Chicken Fries $3.99. The packaging is delightful (though not eco-friendly), with a compartment on the top to hold the sauce. (I had honey mustard). Even after you opened, it, there was a way to hold the opened packet of sauce. Not sure if I was using it right, but it did hold. idearabbit_burgerking-portcoquitlam1

The chicken fries on the other hand was a disappointment. It was hard, dry, and not much flavour unless you dunk a lot into the honey mustard sauce (or whatever you may order). It was pricey, considering you can get 5 good pieces of chicken nuggets for $1.89 at Wendy’s.

The staff was friendly. The place was very clean, as there were no other customers dning during our visit. Would not order the Chicken Fries again.

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Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box on UrbanspoonOn Christmas Day, we were driving to the US and we stopped by – gasp! at Jack in the Box after driving through customs. I always feel really greasy after leaving here – could be because I see how many calories each meal has up on the menu board, or because I see so much grease coming from the food itself.

idearabbit-jackinthebox_border idearabbit-jackinthebox_border2I ordered just the 10 Chicken Nuggets $2.59 USD while Sheepie had the Jack’s Spicy Chicken Burger meal with small curly fries and a small drink $6.99 USD

idearabbit-jackinthebox_border3idearabbit-jackinthebox_border6idearabbit-jackinthebox_border4The nuggets were brown like they were deep fried in old oil. They were much smaller than McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Wasn’t crispy, didn’t taste as good either and left huge grease stains on the boxes.idearabbit-jackinthebox_border5The curly fries were ok.
The restaurant was bare when we came in, but it got pretty busy when we were about to leave as it was the only place open in the area.
Next time, I will order a chicken salad instead…lol

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Cactus Club in English Bay

Cactus Club Cafe on Urbanspoon

The place was packed since it was Valentines Day. We were told that the wait would be 20 minutes, so we were surprised that we were seated in about 5 minutes.
We had the last quiet table downstairs, and though we didn’t have the window side, it was still a nice view of English Bay. The interior is well kept with a modern slick look, but not over the top.

idearabbit-cactusclub_englishbay idearabbit-cactusclub_englishbay2

Must be Vancouver – chopsticks are one of the utensils offered (without asking)idearabbit-cactusclub_englishbay5

Sheepie ordered the Mini Burger which comes with 3 mini burgers stuffed with certified angus beef®, cheddar, alder smoked bacon and red pepper relish. It was quite delicious with flavourable sauce and love crispy bacon.

idearabbit-cactusclub_englishbay3I had the Tuna Tataki (seared ocean wise™ albacore, papaya slaw, pine nuts in yuzu vinaigrette). The tuna was really soft and fresh. Eat bite was heaven!

idearabbit-cactusclub_englishbay4The Crispy Yam Fries were really good with the garlic aioli. I’m in love with fries that are garlicky! LOL
Our server was very professional and pleasant, despite the restaurant being extremely busy.
It was a good experience, and would be a nice place to bring your out-of-town friends in the summer when you’re in the English Bay area.

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