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Kibune Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoAfter all these years (over a decade) in Vancouver, I don’t know how I could have missed this place! Kibune Sushi opened its doors at this original location on Canada Day, July 1st 1982!

Even when I was walking towards the entrance, it gave me a feeling of home… some little sushi place in the neighbourhood where I grew up as a child.

idearabbit_kibune1The round window by the entrance added a nice touch.When I stepped in, it was even more nostalgic. It felt authentic. Mmmmm… the smell. The atmosphere. The detail of the roof inside the restaurant was interesting. The semi-private rooms with the walls separating each of the tables on one side was nice. Though the tatami were a bit stained…

idearabbit_kibune2They are really busy, so make a reservation if you plan on dining there. Sheepie and I were lucky, and got to sat at the counter. There, the trays were already set and we got our warm hand towels.

idearabbit_kibune5I ordered the Negitoro Maki $5.50. It was really good. I could taste a hint of vinegar in the rice – which you will find in authentic, good sushi restaurants. They didn’t cheap out by having the underside (when you flipped the roll piece) half empty with rice and filling. They were all filled to the end. In fact, in a real sushi restaurant, they would never serve the ends of a roll to a customer.

idearabbit_kibune4New York Maki (since 1982) $5.50. Lots of rice and the fresh green sprouts were a nice touch. Nothing spectacular, and a bit too large for eating without bulging like a chipmunk, or rice and fillings falling apart as you bite in the middle.

idearabbit_kibune8I also had the Yakitori $6 for 2 skewers.Tasty sauce (with a side of hot chiili powders – which aren’t really hot at all), and soft juicy chicken.

idearabbit_kibune6 idearabbit_kibune7Sheepie ordered the Assorted Sushi $17 which came served on a boat. The boat wasn’t anything we haven’t seen elsewhere, but the presentation was really good and the ingredients seemed really fresh. Sheepie always checks under the ‘neta’ (the top raw fish, though) to see if there are wasabi on the rice (or on the neta). If there is, that usually indicates an authentic nigiri. There were. But I can understand why chefs here in North America has decided to take them out as not everyone likes wasabi, and it’s hard to take it out once it’s in there. I had his salmon nigiri and it was pretty good.

The food and service was really good. Is on the pricier side for sushi without the eleborate, high end look of some restaurants like Miku, but it’s definitely more authentic or rather, traditional. They don’t use MSG and they spend a great deal of time preparing their soup.

If you want to travel to Japan, but don’t have the time nor money, try out Kibune for some real Japanese sushi experience. Make sure to call in to make reservations – they are popular and full!

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

Manna Sushi

Manna Sushi on UrbanspoonWe happened to be in the area and decided to check this restaurant out. It was pretty spacious with a high ceiling. It was clean and modern with one server – but there was only one other customer, so we were a bit skeptical.


idearabbit-manna idearabbit-manna2 idearabbit-manna3 idearabbit-manna4I ordered a Negitoro roll $3.50, Salmon Nigiri $1.50 and a Tamago Nigiri $1.25. The tuna in the negitoro was fishy…argh… and the salmon was really rubbery and chewy…argh..the Tamago was fine.

idearabbit-manna6idearabbit-manna7Pork Gyoza $4.50 was pann fried and dim sum like. It had a odd meat or sauce taste and wasn’t all that great.

idearabbit-manna5Sheepie ordered the Rainbow Roll $8.00 which was unimpressive.

The restaurant was freezing. Service was good, though it was hard to hear the server as she had a very soft voice. We were both not too happy with the food. A few couples came in as we got ready to leave. We got up to leave, never to return again. Instead, we went to the nearby Japanese Clubhouse restaurant for seconds.

 Taste: carrot    Price for Value: carrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

Red Tuna Japanese Restaurant

Red Tuna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Despite the name, the staff here are all Korean, but that is not to say that the food is bad. We arrived shortly after 8pm, and we were the only ones. We continued to be the only ones till the end, except there were 2 takeout orders.

The restaurant is spacious and clean, though the seats are all stained and could use some washing or replacing.

idearabbit-redtuna idearabbit-redtuna2idearabbit-redtuna3I had the Box A with Chicken Teriyaki and Gyoza (for my options) $10.95. I was surprised that the chicken was actually really well done with good meat. Not the usual cheap fatty meat that you get at some below-than-average sushi places. You got 2 pieces of gyoza – nice! Plus 8 pieces of California roll rather than the usual 6. Thumbs up! Though the price may be higher than some other places that you can get for $7, it’s worth it. The miso soup is good. Rice is cooked well.

idearabbit-redtuna5 idearabbit-redtuna4Sheepie had the Sushi Combo A $9.50 and Dynamite Roll $4.50 which looked good and didn’t hear any complaints.

Our server was very friendly and was a pleasant dinner experience. It’s a bit lonely being the only customers, but we decided to bring our big group next time for about 20 people during lunch. We’ll see how it goes.

Lunch Time

We indeed did return with a big group of about 20 people for lunch. The restaurant was very accommodating. One server was very friendly, but the other one was a bit grouchy. The women’s bathroom was out of order, so we all used men’s but it wasn’t any trouble.idearabbit-redtuna7This time, I ordered the Nabeyaki Udon on a chilly winter day. It was really good!

idearabbit-redtuna6A friend ordered the Caterpillar Roll, and it was presented quite nicely and got a ‘woo’ and ‘ahh’ from other people. He was also curious about the Real California roll with real crabs $5.50, so he ordered that. He gave me a piece to try and yup! The real thing is much better! And the price isn’t all that outrages either, especially when the 8 pieces are decent in size. Another great dining experience!

idearabbit-redtuna8Real California roll with real crabs $5.50

Another Return for Dinner

Sheepie ordered Box C $13.95 with beef and karrage, while I ordered Box A $10.95 with chicken and gyoza. The staff even read it out to us to make sure even though it was a simple order, but she or the chef made the mistake. Sheepie ended up getting the gyoza, while I had his karrage. It wasn’t so much of a problem with us since we were going to share anyways.


Box C came with 2 pieces of salmon and 2 pieces of tuna nigiri. I had one of the salmon nigiri, and it was pretty good. There were also tempura, salad, miso soup and beef on top of some rice. idearabbit_red-tuna20My Box A was similiar. It came with 8 pieces of California rolls (generous!), tempura, chicken on rice, miso soup and salad. The chicken was really good. It was more like chicken skewers with a bit of charcoal flavour, and the meat was tasty, unlike most other bento places that can have fatty meat. The wasabi was dry and hard. Couldn’t smear it on my sushi at all, so I gave up. It was just a big clump.

Otherwise, food was excellent. Service wasn’t that great. When I was paying, and I gave back the transaction machine, her body was already leaving the table as she ripped the receipt and placed it on the table with her back turned to me. No ‘thank you’ either. I saw another table where the other server was becoming impatient with the customer. Can’t really say who’s to blame as I don’t know the situation to comment, but she did have a bit of attitude.

The restaurant isn’t run down, but it was a bit smelly. The speakers were a bit loud playing Korean music. Food was good, but other things were meh…

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot