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Sushi Sky

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A very small sushi restaurant near Davie St. in downtown. It has 2 small tables, so most of the orders are for take out. It’s very crammed, and did not look sanitary. It was run down, and dirty. I wouldn’t want to eat there, nor the food that comes from there, but Sheepie insisted I try it out. Also, there was a guy before us who was waiting for a take out, and another single guy dining in. Ok, so there are some customers…I guess that’s a good sign…

We ordered the negitoro roll $2.50, 2 salmon nigiri and Combo 4 $7+ which had ebi, salmon and tuna nigiri with a 6 piece California roll. I thought the price for the negitoro was very cheap, but the Combo is pretty expensive!


Presentation wise, the negitoro rolls were falling apart. One of the salmon was a bit discoloured so I didn’t eat it, but Sheepie did and he was fine. The flower carved into the carrot was a nice decor, but appearance wise, that was it. Even though we didn’t order that much, they gave us 4 packs (those little plastic cups with lids) of soya sauce. A bit excessive, but I guess it’s good for those who like to use a lot of soya sauce. As for taste, it was ok. Nothing spectacular. I think for the same price, the negitoro is better at Jako. And for the same $7, you can get a better deal at Momo Sushi by ordering one of the bento boxes!


Combo 4 $7….expensive!


Negitoro $2.50

They were quick and efficient, and the offer of tea, even for take out is a nice gesture. However, with so many better options in downtown Vancouver, it would be at the bottom of my to-go-to sushiya.

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Hime Sushi in Mt. Pleasant

Hime Sushi on UrbanspoonI always drive by this place on my way home from work and had always wanted to try it out. So we finally decided to go and check it out. Being near the busy streets of Kingsway, and being right on Broadway, parking can be a bit of a challenge if you’re coming by car. Park a few blocks away, and you’ll be able to find some free spaces.

It’s a small restaurant with Korean staff. We were greeted right away as we walked in. Since all the tables were full, we waited as we looked at the menu. I ordered the Mexican roll $4.95, Negitoro roll $3.50 and Yaki Ebi $5.50. My company ordered the Hime Sushi Combo $10.50idearabbit-himesushi20


Cute cat/sushi tshirt!



The food came fairly quickly, and they were very good. The Negitoro was very fresh, with lots of negi – which I like :) The  Mexican roll was surprisingly good. Since I was tired of the regular California rolls everywhere, it was nice to have a spicy version. When the Ebi Yaki arrived, I was a bit shocked to see how small it was. The photo in the menu seemed so much larger…LOL. The small scallops inside the curled up shrimps are easy to miss! However, after squeezing the 2 slices of lemon and tasting the shrimps and scallops, I was quite content with how tasty it was. YUM!


Negitoro roll and Mexican roll (spicy California roll)


Lots of negi (green onions) inside! :D


Hime Sushi Roll Combo


Yaki Ebi


At the end, a small chocolate piece came with the bill for each person. My company said it was satisfactory, but no need to return. I on the other hand quite liked it and would like to come back to try more dishes :)

The tshirt on the wall was super cute, and I would have bought one if it weren’t sold for $37! I figured I could design the exact same thing and get it made cheaper. LOL…

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Kimura Sushi – CLOSED

Sushi Kimura on UrbanspoonMy boss had raved about Kimura Sushi for sometime, so I was looking forward to going there for the company’s xmas lunch.

Because it was my boss, I thought it was a fancy sushi restaurant, but when I got there, it was a regular small-sized restaurant. It was full with some waiting, and there was only one young lady serving the entire restaurant. We were a bit worried that it might be like 29th Ave Cafe and we wouldn’t be able to order till 45 minutes later.

However, it went pretty smoothly. We got our teas fairly quickly, the orders were taken, and the food arrived shortly after.

idearabbit_kimura2Dining table in Kimura Sushiidearabbit_kimura4idearabbit_kimura3idearabbit_kimura5Edamame $1.50 – tastes very good


Hamachi Sushi (market price)


California Roll $3.00 – unique in that it had black sesame mixed with white ones

idearabbit_kimura6Deep Fried Chicken Gizzards $2.50  – super crunchy and delicious with the Japanese mayo and tonkotsu sauce

idearabbit_kimura7Lobster Roll – everyone was anticipating this one to be the best…it turned out to be a disappointment….

idearabbit_kimura8Agedashi Tofu – super slippery to eat with chopsticks, but very hot and good!

idearabbit_kimura9Vancity Roll – we saw someone at another table eating this one and asked her what she was having. We’re glad, cuz it turned out to be everyone’s favourite. The salmon is smoked and has a charcoal-ed taste. The sauce is creamy and rich. A must try!

idearabbit_kimura1Snoopy decoration at entrance of restaurant.

The salmon sashimi was super good. It just melted in my mouth. We had to order another plate at the end. It wasn’t properly cut in the ‘Japanese’ way…so it was big and thick, but other than that, no complaints. I must say I was pretty impressed with all the dishes (except the Lobster roll). Some of them weren’t priced bad either. I’ll definitely be coming back here again!!

Food Taste: carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3     Price for Value: carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3

Atmosphere: carrot3carrot3carrot3     Service: carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3     Location: carrot3carrot3