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Naturalizer Outlet

Since I started working full-time and taking more consideration on what I wear on my foot, not in terms of fashion, but on comfort and support, I’ve really love Clark’s for their comfort, though they are not the most fashionable footwear brand.

I found Naturalizer Outlet, and was even more thrilled to find the only outlet near where I work. I bought this super comfy, but stylish black flats. Originally, it’s priced at $69.99, but was on sale for $27.99 + tax. What a bargain! You are going to find that most of the shoes at this outlet are the last ones, so they may not be untouched and right out of the box type of thing. But it’s not like they’re going to be spotless unless you intend to wear them only inside your home or office.

This was my first purchase, so they asked me if I wanted to sign up for a membership. Since I AM the coupon-girl, I was immediately interested in the benefits. First thing first, is there a fee? If there is, I’m never interested. Luckily, it was FREE. The benefits were that upon signing up, you got a $10 gift certificate for your next purchase, withing 90 days of signing up.
 Perfect. I need really good walking shoes for my upcoming Germany trip, so I can use it for that.

They also send promotions and discounts through email, and bonuses on your birthday! The outlet has lots of really great deals though finding the right size and colour may be a challenge sometimes (it IS an outlet). I have been to the one in the Seattle Premium Outlet which has more selections, but I didn’t find anything the last time I went…

As I see more and more young women sacrifice their postures and knees for fashion with high heels, it’s time to take care of your base. I really recommend Naturalizer Outlet!

New friend from Seattle Trip

We now have a new friend – Hedgy or Pikey from Seattle’s Pike Place :) We found him in the ‘display window’ of Merry Tails 1501 Pike Place #413, Seattle WA 98101 Tel 206-623-4142. There were many stuffed animals, but the little, cute hedgehogs stood out at me.
There were two types. One lying down on it’s belly (like Hedgy) and another one sitting up. Both were cute, and I wanted both, but got the one lying down. $5.50 USD+tax.
So adorable! :D


Hedgy exploringidearabbit-hedgy2 idearabbit-hedgy3 idearabbit-hedgy4 idearabbit-hedgy5 idearabbit-hedgy6 idearabbit-hedgy7

Hedgy helping me with my blog

The Sample Sale Guys

This event comes around to different cities across Canada. They were here a few months ago in Vancouver at the Empire Landmark Hotel in downtown. They carry new brand clothing and accessories for both women and men at a discount. Some popular brands they sell are:
•    Coach Bags
•    Diesel
•    Gucci
•    Marc Jacobs
•    Michael Kors
•    Prada
•    Uggs

I saw their ad in the newspaper which was also a coupon for 10% off if you pay in cash. I got Michael Kors totebag originally priced at $240, and discounted to $179.99 + 10% off.
It has side pockets on both sides inside making it very convenient to put small items like lipstick, tickets and keys in a totebag. Next time they’re in town, check them out!



7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond,BC

Mar 25 – Mar 28 2014

Tues 25th 11AM-MIDNIGHT
Wed 26th 11AM-MIDNIGHT
Thurs 27th 11AM-10PM
Fri 28th 11AM-8PM