Tim Hortons on Davie

Tim Hortons on UrbanspoonOpen 24 hours a day, this Timmy’s is always got customers going in and out, getting their Ice Cap or box of timbits. The service at this location is pretty good. They are usually friendly (depending who serves you) and food is usually standard and comes out fairly quickly. On most mornings, the line up will go out the door…so give yourself plenty of time if you’re in a hurry for your breakfast before work.

I do find the AC to be way too cold – but that’s just me…I’m always freezing…lol
Unfortunately, because of the location, you will have lots of homeless people inside, whether eating or harassing customers for change. During the day time, it’s a bit better, but I’m being soft I think, considering that other cities I’ve been to or lived had never had this kind of scene – but that’s another problem that has to do with Vancouver, not with Timmy’s, although I wish they were a bit more active in dealing with this problem.




At night, you can pretty much have over half the customers be homeless people. At the entrance you will have beggers, I’ve seen one guy throw up on the door, many that come in to use the bathroom, wander around the restaurant, many asking for change, or to even use your phone. Growing up in Calgary, I never encountered a Timmy’s like this, nor any coffee shops like it – especially when it’s suppose to be family-oriented. If I had kids, I wouldn’t want to sit around and wont be able to relax. I do tend to keep my eye on my belongings a lot more when I’m there.

Back to the food, the drinks. I used to love the Ice Cap and had it all the time. After I went through the strict health diet a few years back, and although I’m now back on a normal diet (but not unhealthy like before), I find Timmy’s drinks to be way too sweet. I like how you can customize your drinks at coffee shops like Blenz. But I guess you’re also paying for that too. There are usually promotions for many drinks at $1 which is one reason my friend likes going there, so I end up there too. They have a ridiculous number of sizes to choose from.

I no longer eat that much sweets, and never been a huge donut fan (never have been a bread fan) so no more timbits for me…

I do like their sandwiches. I usually order the Chicken salad sandwich with chicken strips, onions, celery, pimentos, mixed with mayo and black pepper, lettuce and tomato. Freshly made for $3.29 it’s a pretty good deal. I like mine toasted.


Morning breakfast sandwich with tea


Their Halloween special donut. Cute! But ohhhh so unhealthy…

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