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The Wallflower

Wallflower Modern Diner on UrbanspoonI met up with my friend for brunch. My friend had arrived earlier than our arranged time and had lined up to get a table for us. When I got there 10 minutes past 11am on a Saturday, there were still people lined up and my friend had just been seated at a table. The place was jammed packed. Like the Farmer’s Apprentice, every inch of the restaurant was utilized for maximum seating. I had the seat where people would walk by and they kept bumping into the bag or coat hanging behind my chair – a bit annoying.

idearabbit-wallflower2The interior was artsy with hand painted intricate designs on the walls. There were portrait paintings that hung close to the ceiling. Customers were hipster-ish and hippie like with tattoos, dyed hair and the guy sitting next to our table had his feet up on the booth’s seat.

My friend had Earl Grey $3.50 (comes in individual pot), and I had the Chamomile $3.50 since disappointingly, they didn’t have Rooibos. A bit pricey for just a bag of Mighty Leaf tea bag. Our tea pots were full with hot water, and with how the pots were designed, hot water spilled onto the table as our server brought the pots. Pouring into our own cups, it kept spilling from the mouth, leaving a big puddle on the table – at least on my side anyways. Although both of our pots were the exact same type, her handle on the pot was so hot that it was impossible to touch it. Sorry, my pet peeve these days – tea pots that are dysfunctional no matter how pretty they look…

It took about 35 minutes for our food to arrive. My friend ordered the Salmon Benny $13 with smoked salmon, capers, red onion and cream cheese, while I had the Classic Benny $10 with poached eggs, grilled ham, salad, English muffin, house made hollandaise sauce and diced potatoes.

idearabbit-wallflowerI just looooooove Bennys!! This one was very good. The eggs done the way I like it. Delicious sauce, and a nice touch of greens on the side. The potatoes were nicely seasoned. It was good portion and reasonably priced. Presentation could have used a bit more umph, but it was ok.
Service was satisfactory. Would we return? Not sure…I’m not a lining-up person, nor do I like crammed places. Good Bennys though.

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

Big Y Cafe

Big Y Cafe on UrbanspoonSheepie had gone earlier for a pie and 2 cups of coffee which came about $8 USD and was upset on why it was so expensive.

We later went back together for breakfast where I ordered the Short Haul (indicated as ‘Lighter Breakfast for Seniors and Kids’) LOL. But I’m not really a breakfast person and we were betting on the large portions in America to fill me up, and the leftover for Sheepie. idearabbit-bigycafe3


idearabbit-bigycafe idearabbit-bigycafe4 idearabbit-bigycafe2I ordered #2 $7.99 USD with 1 poached egg, 2 bacon and 1 hot pancake. As we anticipated, it was quite large and was filling. That’s about it. Nothing fancy – though I guess you can’t really do much with egg, bacon and pancakes…

idearabbit-bigycafe63 idearabbit-bigycafe5Not sure how the coffee system works. On their menu, it says $1.99 USD. Is that per person? Per cup? Cuz this time, I and Sheepie had one cup each from a pot that the server goes around with to every table, and we were charged $2.99 USD in total…It was really terrible coffee, so it was pretty expensive and not working paying for… If Sheepie had checked his bill earlier to see what he had paid, we could have just gotten water…

The cafe apparently got its name from its original location, at the Y junction of highway 2 and 97, where it first opened in 1939 and was moved to it’s current location in 1984. They are committed to cooking with local ingredients, and home cooking from scratch. Their pie is supposedly World Famous home-made pie, but Sheepie didn’t really say anything about the pie itself…

It became pretty full though. I think it’s one of those places that locals and travelers passing by stop at. It’s got character, but pricey for the quality and value. Good location when you stay at the Wedge Mountain Inn next door, but wouldn’t go out of my way to go there.

Taste: carrotcarrot (Coffee gets 0)    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot (Coffee gets 0)

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

Tim Hortons on Davie

Tim Hortons on UrbanspoonOpen 24 hours a day, this Timmy’s is always got customers going in and out, getting their Ice Cap or box of timbits. The service at this location is pretty good. They are usually friendly (depending who serves you) and food is usually standard and comes out fairly quickly. On most mornings, the line up will go out the door…so give yourself plenty of time if you’re in a hurry for your breakfast before work.

I do find the AC to be way too cold – but that’s just me…I’m always freezing…lol
Unfortunately, because of the location, you will have lots of homeless people inside, whether eating or harassing customers for change. During the day time, it’s a bit better, but I’m being soft I think, considering that other cities I’ve been to or lived had never had this kind of scene – but that’s another problem that has to do with Vancouver, not with Timmy’s, although I wish they were a bit more active in dealing with this problem.




At night, you can pretty much have over half the customers be homeless people. At the entrance you will have beggers, I’ve seen one guy throw up on the door, many that come in to use the bathroom, wander around the restaurant, many asking for change, or to even use your phone. Growing up in Calgary, I never encountered a Timmy’s like this, nor any coffee shops like it – especially when it’s suppose to be family-oriented. If I had kids, I wouldn’t want to sit around and wont be able to relax. I do tend to keep my eye on my belongings a lot more when I’m there.

Back to the food, the drinks. I used to love the Ice Cap and had it all the time. After I went through the strict health diet a few years back, and although I’m now back on a normal diet (but not unhealthy like before), I find Timmy’s drinks to be way too sweet. I like how you can customize your drinks at coffee shops like Blenz. But I guess you’re also paying for that too. There are usually promotions for many drinks at $1 which is one reason my friend likes going there, so I end up there too. They have a ridiculous number of sizes to choose from.

I no longer eat that much sweets, and never been a huge donut fan (never have been a bread fan) so no more timbits for me…

I do like their sandwiches. I usually order the Chicken salad sandwich with chicken strips, onions, celery, pimentos, mixed with mayo and black pepper, lettuce and tomato. Freshly made for $3.29 it’s a pretty good deal. I like mine toasted.


Morning breakfast sandwich with tea


Their Halloween special donut. Cute! But ohhhh so unhealthy…

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