Calhoun’s Bakery Cafe

Calhoun's Bakery Cafe on UrbanspoonThis large spacious cafe is open 24-7. You’ll often find young adults with their laptops studying or working away on a project. My coworker loved the place, and my friend recently recommended going for dessert, so I went for a late night snack with Sheepie on a Friday. The place was nearly full, though they don’t take advantage of every space in the place with more tables and chairs. It’s the hipster scene and again, I’m not really into all this hipster trend.

idearabbit-calhouns idearabbit-calhouns2 idearabbit-calhouns5We both had a slice of cake, mine was Cookies and Cream $5+ with Rooibos tea and Sheepie ordered the Chocolate Fudge $5+ with the $2 House Cofffee. As we went around the back to get the utensils for our cakes, the counter had grey dish bins which were overflowing with dirty cups and plates. When we left to put away our own dirty dishes later on, the pile had just accumulated. Gross.

idearabbit-calhouns3Cookies and Cream idearabbit-calhouns4Chocolate Fudge

The bathroom reminded me of some of the vandalized Berlin cafes. It wasn’t clean either. Yuuuuuck.

As with many ‘hipster’ places, the tables, chairs, plates and cups are quite random.

My Cookies and Cream was way too thick, rich and sweet and only ate a third. Sheepie who has the sweet tooth could not even finish it cuz he said it was terrible.

My tummy was not happy the next day, but can’t really say it was from the cakes for sure. Sheepie didn’t feel all that well after the cake either.

The staff was very friendly though. However, I wont ever be returning!

 Taste: carrot    Price for Value: carrot

Atmosphere:  carrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrot