Sweet Obsession

Sweet Obsession Cakes & Pastries on UrbanspoonAfter eating lunch at Farmer’s Apprentice, my friend wanted to go out for dessert, so she took me to Sweet Obsession. A cute cafe which is not self-serve! A bit unusual, but very nice service. We ordered a pot of Vanilla Rooibos tea $2.50 to share (bonus that we only need to order one pot for both of us – and free hot water refills). I ordered the Creme Caramel $5.95 which came in a glass jar. It was really good. My friend ordered the St. Honore;
 choux balls filled with vanilla pastry cream & chocolate mousse, drizzled with dark chocolate.

idearabbit-sweetobsession idearabbit-sweetobsession2idearabbit-sweetobsession3St. Honore idearabbit-sweetobsession4Vanilla Rooibos tea $2.50 and Creme Caramel $5.95

The interior is modern and clean, though not over the top. Their menu is pretty extensive. The AC was a bit cold for a chilly fall, but I did end up liking the cafe very much. I just wonder about some of the cake sitting near the glass window, soaking up the sunshine…

But will be back for more!

Return for More

For the third time being there, we should be use to the process, but still we get confused because it’s a cafe. We went to the counter and asked for which cake we wanted. The staff told us to take a seat at the tables. We sat, and waited and waited. A different staff came by and asked if we had been already helped. We said yes. We waited more. We started wondering how bring a dessert that’s already made to the table could take so long. The staff that came by earlier came back and told us that we were suppose to order through him. So we told him the dessert we wanted, and it came shortly after.

idearabbit-sweetobsession7Lime Raspberry Flan: Tart lime custard & raspberries baked in a pastry shell idearabbit-sweetobsession8Tiramisu: Layers of Italian sponge, zabaglione, mascarpone cream and espresso. Super spongy and beautifully made. Thumbs up.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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