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A very small Indian place – more like a take out place, but there are a few tables and chairs for dining in. It’s a worn down place – but then most places on Granville street look like they might fall apart. It’s definitely not the place where you want to take your date or friends to impress them.

However, if you’re craving for some Indian, but don’t want to dine at a restaurant, and want something quick to take out and eat at home, this place is better than any fast food Indian at a mall food court. I usually get the butter chicken curry on rice $6.50. I sometimes order a naan to go with it. They’re huge (and a bit oily), and they make it right there by hand.

The portions of the food use to be a lot bigger, and if I recall correctly, it was $5.99 before. So it kinda sucks that it’s smaller and more expensive, but it seems many restaurants are doing so in order to stay in the game. Sometimes you get more curry than rice – in that case, I boil my rice or potatoes and add that to the dish so that I have even more to eat.




The curry is definitely better than the bland, watered down curry you’d get at fast food places. The chicken is cooked till very soft, but perhaps not the greatest chicken as I find that they have fat chunks which I really hate.

The guy that works the cashier and take orders is always friendly and quick. If you want some quick Indian food without paying double from fancy Indian restaurants, or getting poor curry for the same price at the food court, this is the place to go.

Additional Review

Veggie Samosa was huge, with tasty curry fillings. The chutney sauce went really well.


I’ve been there several times, but the guy that works there is pretty friendly. He even remembers me now, even though I only go there every 4-6 months or so. We don’t really chit chat, nor does he know my name, but i do always order the same thing – Butter Chicken with rice, lol. I asked him ‘wow, you remember?’ and he replied ‘yup, I remember all of them (everyone)’.

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