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Curry Express in Richmond Centre

Curry Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoI’ve barely been to this mall, but was going to see a show later on, so my friend and I stopped by for a quick bite at the food court. Wow! I must say it’s a pretty impressive food court. Very modern, clean, bright and higher-end then – let’s say Metrotown. I liked how the different venues had a cohesive design so that it wasn’t all random.  It seemed to all work together, yet, each one was still kept it’s brand’s look.

idearabbit-curryexpress_richmond3 idearabbit-curryexpress_richmond4As with all other other Curry Express in mall food courts, the menu is the same. I got my usual Butter Chicken on Rice $5.95. It’s certainly not as rich as ones you would get in a sit down restaurant, but it’s ok. The chicken pieces this time were too large making it a bit difficult with the flimsy spoon to cut or hold while trying to take a bite out of it.

idearabbit-curryexpress_richmond2 idearabbit-curryexpress_richmondI always find the portion a bit small, though it can vary slightly from who’s serving you. Service was satisfactory.

Caution: the spoons are thin and flimsy, but sharp on the edges! My friend cut his lip with it :(

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All India Sweets & Restaurant

Click to add a blog post for All India Sweets & Restaurant on ZomatoThe restaurant was fairly large and the tables nicely spaced apart. The booth benches were torn on some, and the lighting was poor, making it look like you didn’t really want to dine there. As you enter, you saw a huge counter with hundreds of sweets. I dunno if they were kept cool, but I wondered about the food safety just sitting out there in the hot summer heat, especially since I didn’t really feel much of the AC on.

idearabbit-allindia1 idearabbit-allindia2Our friend had wanted to try out this place, so we decided to go for the All-you-can-eat. It’s $10.95 for the vegetarian selection. More $ on top if you want some meat, but we were happy in just trying out the veggie menu featuring 6 dishes, naan, rice, papadum, 4 desserts, and salads. The buffet was small, but since it was AYCE, there weren’t any shortages of food to eat.

idearabbit-allindia3 idearabbit-allindia4idearabbit-allindia5The plates were metal trays with 3 small sections and 1 large main. I have not been to prison, but it reminded me of what prisoners eat from in jail (from movies that is), or when you eat from tins when you go camping. This was the second time eating out of these trays, but I guess I’m still not quite used to them. Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this, as some other reviewers have commented on feeling like eating out of ‘prison trays’.

The rice seemed a bit overcooked, and the curries were kind of bland. It didn’t have the rich flavours that higher end Indian restaurants served. The curry were almost watery in that near the end of the dish, the rice would be soggy and sitting in watered down curry.

Service was satisfactory, though it was really hard to understand their accent.

After everyone had 2 rounds, we were really stuffed. We didn’t even try any of the sweets, not that I was particularly interested in them (yes, I’m not into sweets…)

All in all, I would not return. For about the same price, you can enjoy a better meal and setting at India Bistro on Davie (for lunch only though).

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Jolly’s Indian

Click to add a blog post for Jolly's Indian Bistro on Zomato I saw a Groupon for nearly 50% off at this restaurant, and with the good reviews, I thought I’d try it out. It’s a medium sized restaurant which is decorated very nicely with lanterns, lit candles and drapery to cover those ugly ceilings that we see in a lot of the places here with pipes and unfinished look. The colours matched, and it was a warm soothing atmosphere.
There were only 2 tables occupied when we arrived around 6:30pm on a Wednesday, but it quickly because full-house on top of several take-out orders.

idearabbit-jollyindian2idearabbit-jollyindianOur server was very polite and thoughtful despite the busy restaurant.
We ordered a entree each which came with a rice, salad and naan. I thought it was a great deal since most other Indian places I’ve been to at this level has always had the curry a la carte, making your bill add up quickly. Presentation was beautiful and appetizing, and the immediate smell of curry aroma made me salivate.

idearabbit-jollyindian3Don’t be surprised by the half empty dish! The curry is coming right away! :)

idearabbit-jollyindian4Malabari Chicken $15.95 was mild curry cooked in coconut cream, onions and a touch of ginger with garlic & mild spices. The chicken was cooked to perfection. Just melted in your mouth. Sooooooo good! The cilantro on both curry was a nice touch.

idearabbit-jollyindian5I had read that Jolly’s Butter Chicken $15.95 with boneless chicken with yogurt & tandoori masala, roasted and combined with light cream sauce tasted different from the usual butter chicken. Indeed it had some ingredient that I couldn’t figure out, but it tasted really good. I immediately fell in love with it. I always try other curry since I always tend to go for butter chicken, but this time, I’m glad we did!
Both curry went really well with our saffron rice. The naan was a bit burnt, but the strong garlic flavour complimented the curry sauce.
I was really happy that I came across this restaurant. Thanks Groupon – yes it does work as advertisement! I’m now a new happy customer. Would love to come back for more – especially for the butter chicken! :D Great find!

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