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Sura Korean Cuisine Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoI’ve heard good reviews, and seen always a lineup when passing by. The last time we tried to get it, it was a 40 minute wait, so we went elsewhere. But this time, my friend wanted to host his birthday dinner there, and since they didn’t take any reservations, we decided to sit it out.
The decor was much nicer than other Korean restaurants which sometimes looked like a hole in the wall. The settings were nice. Candles were lit inside glass measuring cups. The place is super packed and lively.

idearabbit-sura6 idearabbit-sura7idearabbit-sura1Ban chan was the regular kimchi, seaweed and Asian pumpkin which was different and quite tasty. Birthday boy really like that, he had the second serving all to himself.
One of the guests knew the staff that worked there, so he asked for recommendations.

idearabbit-sura4Kimichi Fried Rice $15. Nicely presented. A bit spicy for me (not to eat, but my tummy is sensitive), so although it was good, I had very little of it. 4/5

idearabbit-sura3Seafood Pancake $20 Nice and hot. Very tasty and filling. Generous amount of seafood, particularly octopus. 4/5

idearabbit-sura5Royal Galbi $28. Super tender. Excellent sauce (would go great with rice). A lot of us liked this one. I’m not much of a meat eater, but this one was good! 5/5

idearabbit-sura2Bulgogi I was busy eating all the other dishes, and since not all the dishes were readily available in front of me, this one was the least one I had. Still good flavour and lots of different ingredients to enjoy. 4/5
Service was satisfactory. The food was very good and presented with care. Would like to go back, but I’m not a huge fan of lining up…though it is worth it. Wouldn’t mind checking out the Richmond one!

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Zabu Chicken

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We tried walking into several Korean restaurants in Korean town on Robson, but they were so full with a long wait, so we came to Zabu. It was still busy, but they were able to get us a table. Inside was loud and filled with young people – mostly, if not all, Asians – except for Sheepie, lol. idearabbit-zabuchicken2I ordered a Ramen $8.95. I was SUPER disappointed to find it was the instant noodle in a cooking pot. What are we – students? I certainly felt like it, eating out of a warped old pot with 78 cent worth noodles. The price on the other hand was outrageous. Although this restaurant isn’t the first one that I’ve seen this. I’m just surprised that anyone would pay $9 for something so cheap and low quality. idearabbit-zabuchicken3We ordered the Chicken combo with wings and legs for around $15 to share. The smell of garlic was heavenly, and the taste was pretty good, though not enough to feed three adult mouths. idearabbit-zabuchicken

The complimentary banchan (side dishes – which aren’t all shown in this photo) and unlimited supplies of it was really good. Since things were expensive, we kept feeding off of them.
Service was subpar…not that friendly, but we did get the food in reasonable time.
As the name suggests, their specialty is their chicken (mostly deep fried). The rest of their menu seemed a bit limited, so I don’t think I would return any time soon.

At the end, our receipt came with a card that was all written in Korean. I embrace and like different cultures, and I have tried learning Korean a bit, so I can read it, but have no clue to what it says/means. Of course it’s not just Korean restaurants, I have seen other restaurants that only write in their language, which is a shame since those that don’t speak the language are left out. This is Canada, let’s also put English as well!

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Toko on UrbanspoonHidden away on the darker streets away from the bustling street of Cambie with Best Buy, Canadian Tires and Save-Ons, is a quiet restaurant. It’s a narrow restaurant with high ceiling and relaxing atmosphere, specializing in noodles. Yay!

The menu is written in English, Chinese and Japanese, even though there are Thai and Korean cuisine in it as well. You have the option to order your food MSG, so I did.

idearabbit-toko1 idearabbit-toko2idearabbit-toko3We ordered Gyoza $3.50 which were square and not folded and closed completely. Interesting, but tasted good.

idearabbit-toko4I ordered the House Special Chow Mein $9.50. The noodles were crispy and the sauce was really good. My favourite!

idearabbit-toko5Sheepie ordered the Chicken with Ginger and Green Onion $10.75 with a rice bowl $1.45. This was also very delicious. Very soft meat and flavourful sauce.

The server was quick in judging what we wanted before we finished our sentence so we had to repeat to clarify, but she was a good server. I’d return if I get cravings for some Asian cuisine.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

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