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Benny’s Cafe

Benny's Cafe on UrbanspoonI started taking some German language courses in the evening and since it would take too much time to go from work to home and then to class, I usually go straight to the school, park and find a cafe or restaurant nearby to dine.

I found Benny’s, a hipster, neat cafe on Broadway and Larch near Thomas Haus. (click here to read post on Thomas Haus). I ordered the Benny’s Benny $7.69 which has two poached eggs, black forest ham and hollandaise on a bagel of your choice. (you can also substitute it with a veggie version with avocado) and Tea. For being a cafe and only two poached eggs with no side dishes or anything, I thought it was quite pricey. It was really good with the soft pouched eggs and lots of sauce, though the bagel was hard and chewy, making it hard to cut pieces off with the knife.

The cafe is a two storey wooden cafe, with a fireplace and couches on one side. The tables are neat though with gaps, it can be a problem with things falling through.

They will take your name at the cashier and will call out your name once the food is ready and will bring it to your table. There are plastic cups (noooo) with water for self serve available if you need some. I do find the music loud, and some of the choice of music, not to my liking so it’s not the ideal cafe to study. I’m the type of person who needs peace and quiet, like the library to study.

idearabbit-bennys idearabbit-bennys2 idearabbit-bennys3 idearabbit-bennys4 idearabbit-bennys5Benny’s Benny  $7.69

For the second time, I ordered the Soup and Salad $4.85. The soup of the day was Coconut Thai. I was a bit worried about Thai since my stomach always seemed to not agree with Thai food, but considering it was the only one left, I decided to take the risk. (I was ok afterward despite the subtle grumbling in my stomach lol) For the salad, you have the choice of either a garden or caesar salad. I ordered a garden salad. It comes with an Italian dressing on the side. The bowl for the salad is a bit small, making it a bit difficult to eat with the mountain of veggies piled up in the bowl. For a tasty soup and refreshing salad, it’s a good deal. :)


Garden Salad with Italian dressingidearabbit-bennys8

Soup of the Day: Coconut Thai

Service in terms of friendliness or energy is mediocre, but I was happy when I wanted a to go cup for my mug of African nectar All Mighty tea $1.90, she added hot water to fill the to go cup to the top.


I went back and had a Chicken Roll $2.60 (tax incl.) which they microwaved. It was super hard and dry. Had no flavour. It was terrible. Do not order this! Their Chocolate Croissant $2.50 was pretty good on the other hand.idearabbit-bennys16

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot     Price for Value: carrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot    Service:  carrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

The Eatery

The Eatery on UrbanspoonThe acquaintance who introduced Green Leaf Sushi to us kept talking about The Eatery, so we decided to go check it out. It was jam packed on a rainy evening and were told that they were full. There were 2 tables side by side that were empty and when we questioned about it, the staff told us that they were holding it for a reservation at 8pm. It was 7pm. There was only Sheepie and I and we told them we were just going to grab something quick to eat and go. 1 hour was plenty of time. After we sat down, the table next to us was also seated.

The restaurant was dark, with neon lights. There were many crazy paper-mache creatures hanging from the ceiling. A unicorn, glass covered monsters, octopus, and so on. It was really funky. There was a live DJ that kept the atmosphere lively and loud. The candle holder was a beer bottle. The seats were a bit torn or stained, but with such dim lighting, it was really hard to ‘examine’ the interior except for the odd decors.






Apparently, food isn’t the only thing you can order…


Everything we ordered on one plate

The servers were very friendly, though a bit hard to hear in the noisy atmosphere. I ordered the Andy Warhol roll $6.50 and Tuna Takaki $8.50 while Sheepie ordered the Bob Marley roll $5.95 and Found Nemo Roll $6.95. Not only were they creative with the interior, but also with the names of the rolls.

All our dishes came out on one single plate. I was disappointed in the presentation despite the cost of the rolls. It didn’t seemed to have been considered that much, and having all of it on one plate made it look crowded. Secondly, Warhol’s roll was only 5 pieces for $6.50. None of the roll was anything special in spite of the fancy names. The tuna tataki was ok, but for the same price, you could get something way better at Green Leaf.

After having 4 dishes, we were still hungry, but because we thought the table was being used for a reservation, and also wasn’t too thrilled with their food, we decided to eat more at home instead.  When the server came to ask us if we wanted dessert, we asked for the bill instead. She asked us if we were in a hurry because of the reservation. She informed us at that time that they were going to use another table that was free elsewhere, so there was no rush. However, we had decided that we were done.

It was a really unique restaurant – definitely not your typical Japanese restaurant. In fact, there was nothing Japanese about it except for the sushi and reference to Hello Kitty. I wasn’t a fan of their food, especially for the price and for those of you who have read my previous blogs also know I don’t really like loud atmosphere. I don’t think I’ll be ever be going back again.

Second Time for Lunch

idearabbit_eatery23 idearabbit_eatery22 idearabbit_eatery21 idearabbit_eatery20This time, the restaurant was pretty empty on a Sunday lunch. We had a group of 12 at a long table. Again, the odd and funky paper-mache works hanging from the walls were the talk of the members as many took photos. The ‘interesting’ menu also gave some of us a chuckle.

I ordered the Nabeyaki Udon $9.95 (their menu has a typo, it says Nabe Yake. In fact, I think it should be one word, not two.) The description sounded great ” The complete comfort soup with chicken and egg in udon broth, served with prawn and veggie tempura, with rice on the side. For one thing, I thought it was odd to have a rice bowl come with udon – you’d never find this in Japan. But then again, you wouldn’t find this dish with the tempura coming out separately either. This is just a Western version. However, it was good since if you wanted to eat the crispy tempura with sauce and rice, it went well. The udon was a huge disappointment. It was the worst udon I’d ever had. I can make so much better (not to mention for probably less than a twoonie.) The noodles were all broken apart. It was soggy, as if they have been sitting in the broth for a really, really long time. The Japanese man sitting beside me agreed it looked questionable. It didn’t really taste good… However, the lady sitting in front of me (maybe Filipino?) said it was good. Maybe if you don’t know Japanese food, then you might like it…

idearabbit_eatery24 idearabbit_eatery25

 Taste:      Price for Value:

Atmosphere:      Service: 

Chocolate Arts Cafe

Chocolate Arts Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoVery modern and high end looking cafe. Located a bit in a inconvenient place and out of pedestrian traffic, the cafe is quiet with little customers.

The staff are very friendly and patient with the group of people we had brought along to the cafe. They carefully explained the chocolates so that they would understand.

It was not cheap! 4 chocolate pieces were about $1 each. The small macchiato (espresso) came to $3 with taxes – a bad decision as I was unable to sleep after that till 6am the next morning…(I’m quite sensitive to caffeine T_T).  It was really bitter and strong. Actually it’s my fault for making the mistake. I thought I was getting a ‘latte’ macchiato…my bad… It came with a small piece of dark chocolate.










$3 (with tax) machiatto

The chocolates are equally strong, and super rich. I’m not a chocolate person but it scored alright on  my analysis chart – lol.

Anyways, nice slick cafe, though it’s a bit ‘cold’ or lonely without much customers. They close either at 6 or 5pm, so no late coffee at this place.
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday 10:00–6:00 PST
Sunday 10:00–5:00 PST
Holidays 11:00–5:00 PST

Christmas Review:

So, we’ve been back several times to Chocolate Arts Cafe, but none was more exciting (probably the most excited was Sheepie – a chocolatier hobbyist) than around the time we went at Christmas. Greg Hook, the chocolatier and owner of Chocolate Arts Cafe, who usually is not at the cafe on weekends was busy making chocolate on a Sunday due to the high volume of chocolates needed for the Christmas holidays.


Greg Hook giving us a tour where all his chocolates are made!idearabbit-chocolateartscafe21 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe22

When he heard the the ‘Vancouver Chocolate Club’ which was started by Sheepie on Meetup.com last spring, he came out to greet us and even offered a special tour of the back despite his busy schedule. He said he was making about 70,000 chocolate a week during the holiday times. Wow…

He even tried some of Sheepie’s creation, and gave him constructive feedback, as well as advice and suggestions. While Sheepie was busy with Greg with the feedback, the rest of us enjoyed some free samples of their eggnog ice cream. Mmmm!! delicious!

We were quite pleased and honoured that Greg took so much time with us. Thank you Greg!


idearabbit-chocolateartscafe40idearabbit-chocolateartscafe30 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe31Yes, we were back again with the Vancouver Chocolate Club, and Greg came out to talk about his travel to France and showed us some raw beans. Thanks for the lesson!

idearabbit-chocolateartscafe32 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe33 idearabbit-chocolateartscafe34Chocolate Arts was presenting it’s new 71.2% Allure – a new product that Greg had come out with after going to France. He had a little workshop going with how the product was being used in new desserts – and we got a taste of it. It’s great to see someone who is not only passionate about this creations, but taking the time and effort out of his busy schedule to share them with the community.


Food Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot     Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere: carrotcarrotcarrot     Service: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrot