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Yay! the cards for the Vancouver Chocolate Club is here! It was for a discount (as they usually do) and with free shipping promo, came to about $16 with taxes for 100 cards, colour printed on both sides in matte. The sides of the cards were black in some parts which was a slight disappointment. Not sure if they were part of a design from another card that these cards were cut from, or that the black from the back side spills onto the side as the cards are being cut.

If you’re looking for cheap but decent business cards, give Vistaprint a try!

idearabbit-vistaprint1Front and back of business cards

idearabbit-vistaprint2 idearabbit-vistaprint5

Little black ink on the sides of the cards. Yes, minor but any designer would take note and if it were a profitable/corporate company paying big bucks, this would not be acceptable. However, those projects would likely be done on a press which this could easily be avoided.idearabbit-vistaprint4

I was rushed, and I did make an error. The right hand one is the first one I ordered. I forgot about the bleeds! So stupid of me! Fail as a designer T_T… I redid the file and sent in a brand new order (myself paying for the second batch of course). The ‘preview’ of Vistaprint is a bit basic and crude, sometimes a bit confusing. You can’t really tell the problem on the back, but on the front, you can clearly see that the url is way to close to the bottom. White space is a bit tight on everything though not disastrous. Still with the designer pride, I got the left one which is what it is suppose to look like. Because I noticed the error right away and reordered, the two orders arrived in the same box, eliminating two trips to the UPS store for pickup.idearabbit-vistaprint3

Intro to Self-Publishing – Publishers Panel at Central Public Library


I’ve been interested in writing since I was in junior high school, even though my grammar and vocabulary isn’t that great. I’ve always wanted to write a novel based on my grandmother’s life during WWII. I have another one which is already in the works. But with no educational background in writing, I have been searching for some night time classes I could take to improve my writing. Unfortunately, I was sick off and on this fall, and missed the courses. Other classes held at other locations were cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. I hope I will be able to enroll one in the spring.

I’m always keen to learn more about the industry. Writing doesn’t just mean you write and sell it. There are many things to consider from whether you are going to self-publish or go with a traditional publisher. Are you going to get your book printed or distributed as a ebook, or both? How do I find an editor? What’s a book coach? Where do I get my cover design done? And so on…

So I was really excited to see that a free event was happening at the Central Library on self publishing on Nov 16, 2013. Several professional self-publishers shared  knowledge, tips and  experiences of self-publishing within the book industry.

The panel included:

  • Brad Stokes and Matt Begg, Publishing Consultants from FriesenPress
  • Michelle A. Demers, Writer, Editor and Independent Publishing Consultant
  • Jo Blackmore, Publisher from Granville Island Publishing
  • Patty Osborne of Vancouver Desktop Publishing Centre
  • Naomi Pauls, Writer, Editor and Independent Publishing Consultant
  • Carol Sill, Personal Book Coach from Alpha Glyph Publications
  • Kathrin Lake, Executive Director of Vancouver School of Writing

I learned quite a lot. I’m so glad I went. I also took my friend who was just starting to take introductory courses to become an editor, so I think she was happy she tagged along too.

I had just taken Kathrin’s one evening workshop on ebook a few days before, so I already knew her. She remembered me too. It’s good to make connections if you’re interested in entering an industry different from your own. You can learn a lot from the experts. Her ebook session, as well as her presentation at the library was very motivational for me.

Kathrin Lake website

Michelle A. Demers seemed to be very informative and detail-oriented. She caught my attention when she mentioned about authors needing to know about copyrights trademarks, laws and the proper way of setting up a book.

Once the discussions were done and the speakers went back to their own booths that were set up throughout the room, I approached her to see if she had the ‘The Global indie Author’ book that contained all the information that she had mentioned earlier. She didn’t have any more copies, but she was very nice in telling me that the library did carry them. My friend and I thought it was very generous of her to offer the book for ‘free’ when she could have made another sale to me by saying I could order it from Amazon or something.

Since the presentation was at the library, it was convenient to borrow the book. I’ve since started reading it and have learned a lot. The book is great! A must have for any author. It’s packed with a  wealth of information, and although you may find the information online or in other books, this book contains it all in one.

It’s so good I’m thinking of getting an ebook version, though without a tablet, it will have to be read on a computer which isn’t too convenient. (yes I know, as a wanna-be writer I can’t believe I am still without a tablet! It will be my Xmas gift to myself this year though LOL)

She writes it in a tone where it’s like she’s directly talking to you without sounding like a textbook, so it’s not boring. She keeps you engaged and interested, and I find myself reading quickly through like novel.

Michelle. A. Demers website

There is an Introduction to Self-Publishing: Author Panel taking place on Dec 7 at the Central Library. Check their website for more info.

Idea Rabbit Business Cards from Jukebox Print

It’s heeeeeeeeeeeeere!!! Idea Rabbit business cards!! Hurray! Jukebox Print recently had a promo for 250 for only $22!! I couldn’t resist the bargain, and I also wanted to know how my cards would turn out. I have used them through a company I worked at before, but nothing for my own projects.

The promo was for $22 (originally around $100?)
-250 business cards at standard size 3.5″x2″
-colour on both sides
-with bleeds
-on 20 pt cardstock
-silk matte laminate finish
-digital printing
-3 to 4 day turnaround

I didn’t want to pay for shipping so I decided to go pick up myself from their office in Gastown. It was my first time going to their office. It was in a run-down building, but as soon as I opened the door on the second floor, it was like another dimension, with colourful walls that corresponds with their brand identity. They are open Monday to Friday 9-5, and Saturdays 9am-12:30pm. Since I work during weekdays, it was nice to have the option of going in on the weekend.


At the entrance of Jukebox Print

There was a young lady behind two large Mac computers at the reception desk. She took my printed order number and went in the back to find my order. Exciting!!! I anxiously waited as I looked at their samples on their window sills. Once she came back with my order, she asked me if I wanted to check them. I opened the box and viola! 250 of Idea Rabbit cards! :D I was a bit worried if 20pt would be thick enough, but it was pretty sturdy and a good thickness. The colour seemed saturated, which made the printed images stand out even more. Even though it was digitally printed and not on a press, the images were clear and crisp. What I loved the most was the texture!! It was this velvety, smooth fuzzy surface. It felt unique, and you just want to keep rubbing it LOL.

Once I started handing them out to people, they were impressed by the price and quality, but the number one thing they mentioned was the feel of the surface.

I asked the receptionist if she had the free Recycled sample pack that is advertised online, but she said you have to go online to order it. Bummer…it would save them postage $…and I could get it right away…oh well. Not a big problem.

Now it says 3 to 4 days turnaround, but for me, from the time I ordered to when I received the email that it was ready for pick up was 12 days. So if you’re looking for a rush, this may be a problem…though I vaguely remember in the order process that you may be able to indicate when you wanted the order to be done by (not sure if there is extra cost to this). Since I was in no hurry, I didn’t indicate any deadlines.


Comes in their nice colourful box :)


Woooooo! 250 of Idea Rabbit business cards!!




Look how nice they look! :D


Colour printing on both sides


So happy to hand them out to people!


Since I was at the Jukebox office, I picked up some of their printed samples of work – impressive and unique!

 I SOOOO happy I got them done at Jukebox Print. Their online chat system is a huge bonus since I always have a lot of questions for different projects and they are always very helpful. They are constantly adding new stock and unique feature for whatever creative project you may have.

Love you Jukebox Print!