Yuko Maki – CLOSED

Yuko Maki on Urbanspoon Went there with a fairly large group of about 33 people (reservation was made ahead of time). This restaurant is fairly large, we only took a third of the entire restaurant, and with semi walls to section off each of the tables and areas, we were in there comfortably without being an annoyance to other customers.

The service isn’t friendly or anything, but not terrible. You become use to the type of service you get at these fast paced, cheap restaurants, so unless they are really awful, unfortunately, it’s become the norm.

Tea is like water, and the tempura sauce is so diluted it looks like apple juice. I got the Box 3, which had 6 pieces of california rolls, salad, 3 gyoza pieces, chicken teriyaki with vegetables and tempura – all for only $7.50. This a great deal cuz if you were to make all of them yourself, it would likely cost more, not to mention a lot of preparation and cooking time/effort.


However, the inspection report does indicate improper food handling, cleaning and maintenance. Problems with rodent droppings are indicated, but it seems that with these types of restaurants, I’m seeing that it’s something common among them. Yuck…

With that disgusting thought aside, the food is alright. Nothing spectacular, only filling. I use to go to these kind of restaurants a lot during my student years, because of the cheap price and quantity. But now working, this place isn’t my first pick. (nor is it in my list of ‘let’s go for sushi’ place at all lol)


Went back again with a large group (not my choice) for lunch this time. Everyone was doing the All-You-Can-Eat. But I wasn’t feeling all that well that day, so I sat at the only table that was doing a la carte. The service wasn’t that great. Water, tea or food wouldn’t come out. I remember two previous experiences (again, not my choice for both times) that someone’s order was completely forgotten. The very last time we went was for take out – this went smoothly. However with new sushi places opening up and all around, I will likely be not returning, though I guess it’s never really been on my sushi restaurant list.

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