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Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle: Showcase Restaurant & Bar

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I expected the prices to be pretty high considering the nice interior and atmosphere of the hotel. We found out that they had a “Happy Hour” menu which were half the price of the regular prices! Nice!

idearabbit_marriottpinacle idearabbit_marriottpinacle2 idearabbit_marriottpinacle3 idearabbit_marriottpinacle4idearabbit_marriottpinacle6Tortilla Chip $2.50 was really crisp with all the chips not broken into little pieces. The salsa dip was fresh and tasted really good. Couldn’t get enough of it. I would definitely order these again! Mmmm!
idearabbit_marriottpinacle5Mushroom Flatbread $6.50 with mushrooms, truffle, arugula. I love arugula! The flatbread was very tasty and not too burnt or too thick.

Sheepie’s diet coke was a whopping $4 (I had hot water on a cold windy day), making it the most expensive thing we ordered. LOL. But again, the other prices looks great because of happy hour.

The place has a really nice atmosphere, Happy Hour is very inexpensive, though the regular prices aren’t outrageously expensive. Service was professional and friendly.

A new found gem! We’ll definitely back for more Happy Hour :D

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Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ on UrbanspoonBeen to this Japanese-run BBQ restaurant several times and the food always surprised me with their good flavour and unique dishes. They have a grill in the middle of the table so that you can grill your meat just the way you like it, and fresh too! Amazingly, the have locations in many Asian countries, cities in the US -  from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New York, California, Singapore, Indonesia, Hawaii and more




Many of the staff are Japanese, and when they are explaining things to you, they will always crouch down so that they are even lower than you sitting. This may come off very awkward. I find it awkward. But perhaps because back in Japanese culture, you were not allowed to have your head higher than your superior. That may be so, but fast forward to 2013, and I feel like I am like a toddler with a babysitter crouching down in front of me so our eye level would be the same. I don’t necessary feel it a privileged…and I’m Japanese! Ok…so I grew up here in Canada…

Onto the food… first of all, the Spicy Tuna Volcano $7.45 is my favourite! It’s 4 pieces of deep fried rice with spicy tuna and negi (green onions) on top – like sushi.


Yes, it’s not the healthiest food but it is a must try. It’s very different – that’s what I like about it. Can’t find it anywhere else – at least so far. The rice is crispy on the outside, hot inside. The tuna is cold and the fresh negi is a great combination. Thumbs up!


My company ordered Fried Cheese Wonton $3.95. Dumplings with cheese in them! It reminded me of perogies, but fried. Another unhealthy choice. The sauce that came with it went really well. He also ordered Kim-Chee $3.45. Very good.


Beef Garlic Noodles: Egg noodles stir fried with beef in Garlic BBQ sauce $7.95. This comes in the typical Korean hot stone bowl dolsot  (돌솥) The bowl is very hot and rice or noodles usually are sizzling for minutes. Strong garlic taste. Mmmmmm! I love garlic! Not good for close encounters though! lol

The BBQ is great. You get different dipping sauces so you never get bored. There’s a big selection of different types of meat and vegetables. I’m usually not a meat-eating person, but this is good! Good meat, great sauces. Warning – you will smell like you’ve been to a BBQ afterwards! lol.


It’s always full and the atmosphere is hustling and bustling. On warm summer days, you can eat out on the patio – great way to BBQ~. Like many restaurants like Ebisu and Kamei Royale, Gyu-kaku has a happy hour from 11:30am to 6pm. You can get great deals, so try it out!



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Ebisu on Robson

Ebisu on Urbanspoon

Part of the Kamei Group, Ebisu seems like a child of Kamei Royale. It’s more modern, targeted toward younger crowds.

Like Kamei, they also have Happy Hour. We were able to make it in time, and got a super good deal. We each ordered 2 rolls for $6.50 – one negitoro roll (my favourite!) and spicy tuna roll. My friend got the dynamite and chopped scallop roll.

We decided we’d share all the rolls anyways, so that we’d be able to get a taste of more rolls.happy2_l

The first time, we got to sit inside by the window overlooking Robson street. It was a nice view, and the furniture and interior of the restaurant was very nice considering the ‘cheap’ deals available.

The negitoro roll was really good. But with the other rolls, the rice seemed a bit dry and hard, as if they had been sitting out for a long time.

Presentation was great. Nice plates. Speaking of plates, if your plate to take food onto gets too dirty (from chicken wing bones, sauces, etc) then the server will replace them with new clean ones right away.

This is only my complaint, but I found the AC way too cold – but that’s just me, I’m always freezing :P

The second time we were there, we opted to site outside in the patio sice it was lovely weather. It was a pleasurable experience though the table was a bit wobbly.




Dynamite roll


Negitoro roll



Spicy tuna and chopped scallop behind

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